Woman on top of a man in bed

5 Hardest (but not Impossible) Sex Positions

The second article about sex positions, but this week five difficult moves. This week we are going to provide you with a list of really hard sex positions. Of course, ...

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Man and woman happy together in bed

Sex makes you happy

Having lots of sex DOES make you feel goooood… but not for the reason you think. The more you kiss, cuddle and chat, the happier you are in a relationship, ...

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Micronutrients: The Secret Tool For Sexual Satisfaction

When it comes to good health nutrition is key.  And, no, we’re not just talking in the gym here, or when training for a big sporting event. Nutrition is the cornerstone ...

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Voorspel dobbelstenen

Let’s play some adult games

Fun & Games for 18+ only! A pair of dice. A deck of cards you promise to follow. A full board game or a more adult-looking version of Twister. Adult games come in ...

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Man in between womans legs

4 directions to mind-blowing oral sex

It doesn’t matter your gender or sexuality or who your partner is – there are certain tips for oral sex that are just damn good. We could talk about specific ...

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Woman licking a door knob

15 sexterms you probably never heard about

Nothing is too crazy, if you get turned on from computers or of somebody you pass on the street and that you want to touch; everything has a name or ...

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5 Kama Sutra positions you should really try

Whether you're looking for deep penetration or a short, fast quickie, the Kama Sutra has a position for that! Looking to move beyond missionary? Try turning to the Kama Sutra—the ...

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Woman licking from a bowl milk

Kinky Kittens and Bouncy Bunnies: The Many Aspects of Pet Play

This month the UK are celebrating National Pet Month—a month dedicated to the love (and responsible care) of pets! What better time to start delving in to the thrilling fetish ...

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Three pair of feet in bed

7 sexy things to try before the end of 2019

The end of the year might be approaching but there is still plenty of time to sexually experiment! Thinking about trying something new? Here are a few sexy things to ...

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Man and woman in bed

How to bring a low libido back up again

There is nothing wrong with having a low libido. Sometimes our sex drive can fluctuate throughout the month, throughout the year, on different medications, with different partners or jobs or ...

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Sneezing woman

The sex sneeze

Are those the fall sniffles or are you just thinking about sex too much? Its the season to get sneezy! Well, in most part of the world the beginning of ...

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