oysters on a plate

Food For Thought: Pre-Sex Meal Ideas

Sex is great and food is great, which can sometimes lead to a match made in heaven and other times complete disaster.  Eat an Indian right before getting it on and ...

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Two women in position 69

The ultimate way to 69

Who doesn't love some oral sex every once in a while? It can be just as fun to give oral pleasure as it is to be licked like a lollipop. ...

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hard nipple of a woman

The Strongest Shape: part 7

Months had passed since Rebekah, Alfred and Karen made passionate love to each other for the first time and a substantial amount of things had changed since. They were officially ...

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Man holding a woman at her wrist

The Power of Powerlessness: Submission in a Nutshell

In his book, Pastoral, author Andre Alexis speaks of a pastor who bows down to the ground in prayer. And, in doing so, Alexis touches upon something that many might ...

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Woman with blindfold

How to Incorporate Blindfolds in the Bedroom

Blindfolds are a small piece of fabric that can make a big difference! If you’re looking to experiment in the bedroom, then blindfolds are an excellent option. They aren’t necessarily ...

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Should You Talk to Your Friends About Your Sex Toys?

I used to talk to my best friend about sex with partners all the time, but we never talked about masturbation or sex toys. It was a topic that was ...

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Man and woman naked in bed

What a Man: part 1

It was a Saturday afternoon. Claire entered the bus. It was completely packed, but one seat had recently gotten unoccupied. She didn’t feel like standing during the long ride that ...

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Handsome man alone on bed half naked

5 sweet spots he doesn’t want you to miss

It's common knowledge that us women have many erogenous zones that get us in the mood, but every now and then men can also appreciate some attention for body parts ...

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Man looking at screen

Are you addicted to porn?

Find Out If You're Addicted to Porn With This Simple 5-Minute Test. Until the glorious age of easy internet access to porn, there was—let's face it—kind of a stigma ...

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Couple having romantic dinner

5 Ways for Couples to Reconnect

Life sometimes just gets in the way and leaves us a little disconnected from the important people in our lives. If that’s the case, it is crucial to spend some time and ...

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Two women kissing

The Marathon: part 2

by: Victoria Hawk Bella could not stop analysing the position they were in. She quickly realised that the myth might be the open communication about their bodies and the sex ...

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