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10 ideas for your sexual Bucket List

You know what is more fun than a bucket list? A sexual bucket list! A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before a certain time period. We love the idea of making New Year’s resolutions so why not make your own bucket list filled with sexual activities to accomplish in 2019!

Of course, we want to give you some ideas for your list! Customize this list as you please – there is never any pressure to try something that does not appeal to you.

Here are 10 ideas to add to your sexual bucket list for 2019!

#1 Change Your Pubic Hair

When was the last time you changed your pubic hair? Do you always get waxed or do you let the full bush take over? Time to change it up at least once. You never know if you’ll love it until you try it! Trim it, shave it, wax it, or let it grow! Try something different just to see how it feels.

#2 Sex Anywhere Except the Bed or Couch

The bed and the couch are excellent locations to get it on, but it 2019 is the perfect opportunity to try somewhere new! Opt for the kitchen counter or the office desk or the living room carpet. Try somewhere different, just for fun!

#3 Attend a Sex Party or Sex Club

You do not have to participate in group sex, but it can be an eye-opening experience to attend a sex party or a sex club. If you are comfortable with people being sexual in front of you, then it can be an interesting experience to be a voyeur for a night. If you are really comfortable, you can try your hand at being an exhibitionist. Read up about enthusiastic consent before heading to any sex party.

#4 Try Being Dominant or Submissive

Many people have a tendency to be more submissive or more dominant, so at some point in 2019, change roles. If you are more submissive, try being more dominant and vice-versa. If you hate it, at least it will give you a new appreciation for your partner. If you love it, maybe you can unleash your inner submissive or inner dominant more often. Learn how to incorporate blindfolds in the bedroom.

#5 Rent a Hotel Room for a Night

There is something inherently kinky about renting a nice hotel room. Maybe it is the plush pillows? Maybe it is the soft robes? The mysterious neighbours? The room service? Maybe it is just because you leave all your stresses and worries at the door. Rent a hotel room for a night and enjoy the experience. Score a great hotel deal by booking a last-minute room in your hometown.

#6 Discover a New Type of Porn

If you have a go-to type of porn, it is time to experiment again! Spend a night (or two) browsing new porn videos to see if anything new sparks your interest. Learn how to spot feminist porn.

#7 Take Your Own Boudoir Photos

Hiring someone for boudoir photos is quite a luxury, so if that is not in your budget then do it yourself! Get dressed in the outfit that makes you feel your sexiest and start snapping photos. You do not need to send them to anyone, just take them for yourself. If you are worried about the security of your photos, a good idea is to take Polaroid photos so there are no digital copies.

#8 Tell Someone Your Biggest Fantasy

2019 is the year you make your wildest fantasy come true! The first step, of course, is telling someone about it! Open up to your partner(s) about your biggest sexual fantasy and find out if they are willing to make it happen. In exchange, they can tell you their biggest fantasy and see if you are willing to make it happen. Find out how to talk about your fetish to your partner.

#9 Read an Erotic Book

Turn off all the screens and get nestled into a good book – a good erotic book, that is! When was the last time (if ever) you read a romance novel? Add it to your sexual bucket list! Your mind will thank you!

#10 Buy Some Lube

There are so many great benefits to using lubricant during sexual activities that it is time to fight the stigma against using lube and make a purchase! Find a body-safe lubricant to test out. You might just fall in love with how it feels! Discover 8 reasons to use lubricant.

Have you added other items to your sexual bucket list for 2019? Let us know over on Twitter

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