Christmas Dates

7 ways to find a date during the holidays

‘Tis the season for coupling up! It might be all the cheesy Christmas movies, the promises of warm fireplaces in chalets, or the need to add a little excitement to the day because the sun sets so damn early. No one says you have to date the person forever – you can just have a little holiday fun! Whatever your reason for wanting a date during the holidays, we have a few ways to make that happen (that aren’t online dating)!

#1 Accept All Invitations

Work party you don’t want to go to? Say yes! Invited to an acquaintance’s older brother’s holiday mixer? Go! The more events you say ‘yes’ to, the more opportunities there are for meeting new people. Even if the group doesn’t seem that exciting, you never know who brings a friend as a plus one, which waiter catches your eye, or who you might stumble into on the way out of the event! More holiday parties? Yes please! 

#2 Attend Happy Hour

It’s not just your holiday parties that are happening – everyone else is having them too! This means that bars are filled with more people and, more importantly, different people than usual. All those office parties have to happen somewhere, and they often happen over a good happy hour. We’re not telling you to crash another holiday party… but we kinda are telling you to do that (only if it’s in a public area).

#3 Create Your Own Party

Didn’t get too many invites this year? Host your own party! You can organize a casual work party or invite all of your neighbours over for a cookie exchange. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it’s all about surrounding yourself with people and enjoying the festive season. Even if you don’t find a date, it can be a great way to get closer to the people in your life.

#4 Join an Exercise Class

While the holiday season might not have you thinking about going to the gym, December can be a great month to join an exercise class. There will be fewer people in the classes because everyone is busy with their social events, and it is before the rush of the New Year’s resolutions. Smaller classes bring a different opportunity to connect with people at the gym. If you don’t meet anyone, it’s good for you anyway!  A win-win situation!

Only a fantasy or real life? If you’re lucky, your gym session is as hot and steamy as this one.

#5 Find a Carolling Group

Time to la lalala la la your way to a date! Carolling groups are a great way to socialize without the intimidation of having to be good at an activity. They pretty much let anyone join them, so you don’t need to have a great singing voice! Plus, you’ll be helping raise money for charity so you’ll get to sing your heart out and do something good!

#6 Volunteer over the Holidays

Speaking of doing things that are good – sign up as a volunteer! Giving back during the holidays is always an excellent idea PLUS you have the chance of meeting new people. It’s an excellent way give back to your community and find someone who genuinely cares about supporting the community.

#7 Online Community Meetups

There are lots of community websites out there that focus on bringing people together. Sites like Meetup or Couchsurfing often organize holiday events for locals and tourists. If you’re feeling a bit kinkier, then sites like Fetlife also organize holiday munches and events. The best part about these meetups is that people who attend actively want to meet new people. Find out what’s happening in your area and head out for some holiday fun!

Even if you don’t end up finding a date, these activities will bring you joy over the holiday season – and maybe a new friend or two! Stay warm, have fun, and get ready to meet people!

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