Dating profile

How to create a successful dating profile

So you’ve looked in to the idea of online dating and you’re intrigued, but how is the best way to go about it? Online dating is just as diverse and varied as dating through other methods which means that, much like dating in person, it can be a bit of a confusing mess to navigate. Because of this we thought we’d offer some of our top tips for how to manage and ...

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Online dating

Is online dating actually worth it?

There was once a time where the notion of meeting someone online seemed quirky at best and dangerous at worst. Back when the net was just emerging the idea that ‘anyone’ could be behind the screen was a real fear and, if we’re honest, the same is very much true now. The Catfish documentary and show exist for a reason, after all. Buut, let’s face it; that show is kind of ‘old ...

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How to regain trust after infidelity

It’s a fact – people who have cheated once are 350% more likely to cheat again in their lifetime. That’s not exactly what you want to hear right now but it is the unfortunate truth. It’s also why so many people struggle to trust their partners after an incident of cheating. However, although we’d often like to attribute cheating to one particular mind set, or to suggest flippantly ‘Once a cheater, always a ...

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Cheating: when does it count?

In 2015 a digital scandal happened in the adult community when the website Ashley Madison suffered a massive data leak, exposing many of its users. The major issue in this scenario wasn’t just that data was so readily gained and exposed by outside sources but also that Ashley Madison itself was a ‘married dating’ site – otherwise known as a place where many individuals went to have a planned affair ...

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The sexual allure of clowns

When the reimagining of Stephen King’s cult classic book IT was remade for a modern audience back in 2017 it didn’t take long for something rather specific to happen on the world wide web. That thing, of course, being the release of copious amounts of smut. Contrary to what many individuals might have concluded after seeing Bill Skarsguård’s latest rendition of the ever antagonistic Pennywise (who is actually a giant female intergalactic ...

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Discussing sexuality in a new relationship

Discussing sexuality in a new relationship

Our language and attitude about sexuality is constantly evolving and changing over time. Where once certain sexual orientations were considered so unacceptable that they were illegal (something which we think is the truly unacceptable act) many people now feel more confident and capable when it comes to exploring and asserting their sexuality in the world. And, naturally, this relates to relationships too. Isn’t It Obvious? Our previous approach to sexuality in the Western world ...

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Single holiday

How to prepare for your first single holiday

Holidays are fantastic. Sun, sand and sea, or perhaps a city with loads of culture, or even frozen glaciers and ice hotels. The possibilities are absolutely endless and many amazing memories are forged on a holiday. But the thing about those memories and experiences is that they’re typically shared with someone else. For most individuals holidays start as a family affair before eventually becoming a recreational activity with friends or a partner ...

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Social media

Sex and Social Media

Unsolicited dick pics are about as far away as you can get from okay as will ever be the case. The same goes for unsolicited nudes too. Putting this aside, though, there are many times in our sexual adventures or relationships where we will be feeling amorous, glamorous, and ready to show our sexy selves to consenting individuals. In such cases, social media is usually involved. Getting Social Social media is such a ubiquitous ...

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Porn shoot

What really goes on at a porn shoot

If you’re reading this then, chances are, you agree with us in thinking that porn is pretty great. It’s also pretty complicated too. Not necessarily in a bad way (quite the opposite) but, still, a lot of time, effort, and energy goes in to pornography that often goes unnoticed. We don’t often think about what goes in to the smut that we click on to for our personal enjoyment, which is absolutely fine ...

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Daddy dom

The Daddy Dom phenomenon

Father's Day has just passed and many people, young and old, celebrated the value of a strong father figure and how it enriches their lives. But what can be said about the Daddy Dom phenomenon? What is it, exactly? And how might it make you feel? What Is A Daddy Dom? A 'Daddy Dom’ is, at its essence, any individual in the BDSM community who takes up a fatherly role in their dominance. This ...

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