Paying for sex

Paying for sex

It is totally normal for you to feel a bit nervous before hiring your first escort or sex worker. There is a lot of stigma associated with paying for sex, which means there isn’t very much information available about what to do and what to not do when hiring an escort or sex worker. We have a few tips for you if you’re planning on paying for sex or any ...

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Winter penis

Myth busting: the winter penis

Last week, we wrote about the Winter Vagina and why that term is all sorts of wrong. In short, there’s no such thing as “Winter Vagina,” despite the term making its way to the newspapers. However, in a small twist of events, there IS such a thing as “Winter Penis.” Oh yes, penis owners do have a winter term that is real. Except, it has literally nothing to do with “winter ...

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Winter vagina

Myth Busting: The Winter Vagina

Have you heard about Winter Vagina? Is it even something you need to worry about? Is your vagina feeling the symptoms of the increasingly cold months? Or does it not even care that the rest of your body is freezing? Let’s find out about winter vagina before the cold months settle in! What is “Winter Vagina”? The term “Winter Vagina” was coined by a midwife last year in a report by The ...

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6 ideas for your first roleplaying scenario

Role-playing can be a wonderful addition to any relationship! If you’re just getting into the role-playing scene it can be intimidating to figure out where to start but that’s where we come in! We have six beginner-friendly role-playing ideas for you to test out! As with everything, make sure everyone involved is on board with the role-playing scenario and create a safe word to ensure everyone’s comfort. 1. A Handyman and A ...

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First time with a woman

Your first time with a woman

The first time you have sex with another woman can seem a bit intimidating. It might be the first time you have sex ever, or it might be the first time you are having sex with someone that is not a man. Even if it is not your first time having sex, it can still feel like it. We have some tips to help guide you through your first time having ...

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Funniest podcasts

Top 5 funniest podcasts about sex

For International Podcast Day we wanted to celebrate the podcasts that might not make it to the more G-rated lists. On September 30th, there will be an international celebration of podcasts, with the goal of connecting with new podcasts, podcast listeners and creators, and overall podcast enthusiasts. For us, that includes podcasts that have something to do with sex! So here are the top five funniest podcasts about sex for ...

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Books about sex

6 must- read books about sex

It is so important to continue to educate ourselves and learn new things every day. When it comes to sex and sexuality, it is no different! In fact, it might be one of the more important topics to educate ourselves about because there is so much misinformation out there! If you are looking for a quality read or six, check out these books that are super educational, super inclusive, and ...

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The importance of aftercare

The term “aftercare” is well known to the BDSM community but it should be something that extends to any kind of sexual styles and sexual activities. Aftercare is quite simply taking care of your partner and yourself after sex. It’s about taking the time to check in with your partner, talk to them, cuddle, or other similar aftercare practices. Aftercare makes sex better for everyone. Here’s why aftercare is important as well ...

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Sexual intimacy

5 ways to increase sexual intimacy

Did you know that intimacy can lead to a more positive mood and a greater sense of meaning in life? A study involving 152 American college students showed the relationship between intimate sex and increased positive feelings the very next day. The study showed that the intimacy of the relationship was a more important determining factor than just sex itself! So how do you increase sexual intimacy? Here are 5 ways ...

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Naked couple talking in bed

6 reasons to talk about sex

I have always loved talking about sex. It’s just one of those things that I felt needed to be out in the open. My male friends were all able to openly talk about it, so I said “screw it” and started talking about it too. I wanted to do my part in normalizing the female experience of sexual encounters. I love how talking about sex breaks down so many barriers to ...

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