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The Strongest Shape: part 7

Months had passed since Rebekah, Alfred and Karen made passionate love to each other for the first time and a substantial amount of things had changed since. They were officially a triad in a closed relationship. A relationship in which the love seemed to grow exponentially and it felt as if they had been together like this for years already. However, it had proven to be intense and hard work ...

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What a Man: part 1

It was a Saturday afternoon. Claire entered the bus. It was completely packed, but one seat had recently gotten unoccupied. She didn’t feel like standing during the long ride that was ahead of her. She was determined to sit down and dashed towards it. The man on the neighbouring seat had seen her aiming at the place and ensured no one else would beat her to it. From behind, a ...

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The Marathon: part 2

by: Victoria Hawk Bella could not stop analysing the position they were in. She quickly realised that the myth might be the open communication about their bodies and the sex they had with them, had caused Bella to bust many myths in the process. She’d never believed in the existence of the g-spot, but was somewhat convinced that it, in the end, it all came down to the clitoris. Furthermore, ...

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The Strongest Shape: part 6

Before Rebekah can into the lives of Karen and Alfred, their sex been in between great and mind-blowing. The first time Karen had kissed Alfred, she knew this would be the case. During her lifetime, she’d somehow found a correlation between kisses and sex: A lousy kisser had always been a lousy sex partner as well. If they had washing machines for tongues, they probably had drillers for penises. Kisses, ...

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The Marathon: part 1

By Victoria Hawk Bella finally had the house to herself; her roommate had gone on a camping trip. She wanted to make the most of the empty house and spend it with her new flame — Mary-Payne. Until now, their sexual encounters had been in between great and mind-blowing, and especially for Bella, also revealing. Mary-Payne, or Mapa, was a rather experienced gold-star lesbian, having exclusively been with women ...

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The Strongest Shape: part 5

 The image of the painting at the art exhibition kept running through Alfred's mind. Suddenly, he had a realisation — triangles can have different forms. The essential aspects are obviously the three sides and three angles that add up to 180˚, but these sides and angles have the freedom to differ from each other. However, to create the strongest shape, it is most advantageable to aim for a perfect equilibrium between all the sides and angles. ...

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The Strongest Shape: part 4

The tension in the room was high; all of them bewildered by what was happening. None of them could reach climax, regardless they stopped at the same instant. For a moment, only the sound of panting was present. Alfred and Karen were staring into each other eyes, afraid to look over to Rebekah, suddenly realising how deranged everything had gotten. Rebekah realised the same. Without saying a word, she stormed out of the apartment. With widened eyes, ...

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The strongest shape 3

The Strongest Shape: part 3

Alfred was genuinely happy for Karen that she had found someone with whom she connected so well on both a physical as mental level. He hated to admit that he was slightly jealous as well, not of the other woman, but more of Karen’s experience as a whole. He was not worried about Karen’s feelings towards him. It was quite evident that she had fallen in love with him again, even deeper this time. Instead, he ...

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The Strongest Shape: part 2

What Rebekah lacked in age she made up for in experience. Her childhood was rough and forced her to grow up fast. Still, the emotional damage was reduced by a young man that turned up in her life at the right moment in time and guided her through the hardship with love, patience, and understanding. This man was both a romantic partner and father figure. He taught her to love ...

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Strongest shape

Erotic Story: The Strongest Shape – Part 1

Months had passed since Karen and Alfred had decided to open up their relationship of five years to (loving) other people, and there was still nothing exciting happening. Their decision wasn't based on any dysfunctionalities in their relationship. Instead, it was the opposite. Their relationship was, or at least felt, near to perfection. Their communication had always been open and honest, the sex was great, and they loved each other ...

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