Woman with blindfold

How to Incorporate Blindfolds in the Bedroom

Blindfolds are a small piece of fabric that can make a big difference! If you’re looking to experiment in the bedroom, then blindfolds are an excellent option. They aren’t necessarily as intimidating as experimenting with other objects and they are easy to remove if you aren’t enjoying the experience.  The fun part about blindfolds is that it causes sensory deprivation. You eliminate the sense of sight, which can heighten your other ...

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Man and woman sharing kinky kiss

Zippidy Zap: Electrowands and You

Have you heard of a Tazapper? This bad boy is a rod easily taken up in the hand and capable of administering an electric shock to any willing participant that you wish to tease. When it does so it makes a rather loud and intimidating sound. That, coupled with its appearance, makes the Tazapper an incredibly fun piece of kit for anyone willing to get playful with electricity. But it’s not the only option on ...

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Romantic Destination

9 Most Romantic Destinations Around the World

After learning how to have better sex while on vacation, we thought it would be appropriate to write about the most romantic destinations around the world! Of course, there are tons of places that are charming, whimsical or sultry, but we chose these 9 destinations as a starting point for your next vacation planning.  Check out these worldwide destinations and find the one that suits your travel and romance styles! Happy ...

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Sexy fruits on naked body

Vegan Kink: Amazing Animal-Free Alternatives for a Happy Sex Life

Veganism is on the rise! Multiple companies are offering plant-based alternatives to nutritional choices for hungry consumers who don’t want to damage the environment or health through excessive animal consumption, whether they’re fully vegan, vegan(ish), or simply flexitarian. But what about the other areas where animals get used? Peel back the wonderful world of kink and adult products and there are a fair few troubling elements for vegans or environmentalists. Leather gear, feathers, fur, and horse-tail whips, ...

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Old photo of women running on beach in bikini

What Does It Mean to be Beach Body Ready?Swimwear and Sexual Appeal

The sun is coming out and, in some places, it’s already in full force. People are swarming to beaches, sunbathing in their gardens, and generally getting themselves in to swimwear and bikinis to enjoy the weather. And, with that, comes the ‘beach body’ trend. Being ‘Beach Body Ready’ The idea of a ‘beach body’ has been around for many years but it really came in to the public limelight back in April 2015 when a protein company posted ...

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Rainbow Flag during pride

5 Sex-Empowering Things You Can Do For Pride Month

June is Pride Month, which means a time to celebrate and rally for safe and inclusive spaces for all in the LGBTQI community. Pride Month was initially founded to remember and honor the Stonewall Riots which occurred in Manhattan in 1969 and pride parades, picnics, exhibitions, and events are held all over the world to celebrate the month and give visibility to queer individuals. It’s amazing that we live in a society ...

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Man sucking on strap-on dildo

Changing Roles: Gender Play in the Bedroom

In a 1918 publication of infants clothing it was suggested that boys wear pink and girls wear blue. This being because “pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.” In the above description we learn two crucial things. One: Gender identity is fluid and changes from one generation, society, and culture to ...

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Master of the Cane: Impact Play and Its Appeal

After a cheeky remark, a mischievous glint shot across the eyes of Jody’s playmate which made their genitals twinge with delight and their heart beat just a little faster. Already anticipating what was to come and eager to please, Jody bent themselves forward on to the side of the bed and presented their bare and exposed posterior. A hand stroked the surface of their left cheek caringly, sending a tingle down their spine before suddenly, ...

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Woman texting another man

Why women cheat

The other day, I had a conversation with a friend about how men are portrayed to cheat on their partners way more often than women. My friend had just discovered one of her friends had been cheated on, and had gone on a little rant about how men are less faithful than women. In my experience, monogamous men and women are equally unfaithful to their partners (and there’s even a study ...

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Young beautiful woman vaping

What Vaping Does for Your Sexlife

Does vaping make you a better lover as opposed to lighting up a cigarette? And what about fetishes? Vaping Vaping is now an international phenomenon and with very good reason. Governments have been vocal in highlighting the fact that vaping is 95% less detrimental than smoking a cigarette or other methods of nicotine intake. Studies looking at the potential damage of vaping have always been done in extreme conditions ...

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