Red lips

Read her lips

Her lips are telling you what she is really thinking! When we talk about body language, we normally speak of the gestures that are made with our hands and posturing. We may even talk about the eye contact and what it says. Rarely do we speak of the lips and what they convey in the way of thought, feeling, and emotion. But rest assured that lips have a huge part in ...

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Paiting from a woman

Sex and Faith

Join us on a tour of sexual history and religion. Religion and sex and two very contentious topics, doubly so when the two come together. It’s a sad truth that, too often, religion has been used to create a climate of sexual pressure, shame, or misinformation. A lot could be said about abstinence education in the US, and that’s just one country and one set of religious beliefs. Start bringing ...

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Woman in slip

Vagina fitness

5 exercises to get your vagina as tight as your ass. You might be spending your days sweating in the gym to get that flat stomach and rock-hard ass. Or maybe you don’t care so much and hope to reveal the extra skin with a firm shaping bathing suit. But if there is some part of your body that everybody will want to be tight as hell, it is your pussy. You ...

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Woman in sexy dress

Giving the Perfect Gift This December

December is upon us! Seasonal cheer fills the air, people are feeling goodwill towards each other, and gift giving is on the agenda. Sure, gifts can be exchanged any time of the year, but there’s something special about having a day dedicated entirely to letting those around you know just how well you know them and just how much you care. That woolly novelty sweater might go down well with ...

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Man and woman in yoga position

5 yoga poses for better sex

The best yoga moves to put your body ánd mind in the mood. Great sex is one of the ultimate mind-body experiences. So is great yoga. Not only is yoga an amazing stress reliever, but certain postures improve flexibility, increase blood flow, and open your heart—all of which are necessary for a hot sex life. Perhaps most importantly, yoga teaches true mindfulness—living only in the present moment. In a Journal of Sexual ...

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Woman on bed

What You Need to Know About Squirting

Squirting is an amazing thing to discover. Be patient and learn about your body and its miracles. What is Squirting?We’re going to talk about squirting! This is when a liquid is ejected from a small opening in a thin, fast stream. When we talk about sexual squirting, we are talking about an expulsion of fluid by the paraurethral ducts during an orgasm. Well, typically squirting is linked with orgasms but ...

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Woman with blindfold

How to Incorporate Blindfolds in the Bedroom

Blindfolds are a small piece of fabric that can make a big difference! If you’re looking to experiment in the bedroom, then blindfolds are an excellent option. They aren’t necessarily as intimidating as experimenting with other objects and they are easy to remove if you aren’t enjoying the experience.  The fun part about blindfolds is that it causes sensory deprivation. You eliminate the sense of sight, which can heighten your other ...

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Man and woman sharing kinky kiss

Zippidy Zap: Electrowands and You

Have you heard of a Tazapper? This bad boy is a rod easily taken up in the hand and capable of administering an electric shock to any willing participant that you wish to tease. When it does so it makes a rather loud and intimidating sound. That, coupled with its appearance, makes the Tazapper an incredibly fun piece of kit for anyone willing to get playful with electricity. But it’s not the only option on ...

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Romantic Destination

9 Most Romantic Destinations Around the World

After learning how to have better sex while on vacation, we thought it would be appropriate to write about the most romantic destinations around the world! Of course, there are tons of places that are charming, whimsical or sultry, but we chose these 9 destinations as a starting point for your next vacation planning.  Check out these worldwide destinations and find the one that suits your travel and romance styles! Happy ...

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Sexy fruits on naked body

Vegan Kink: Amazing Animal-Free Alternatives for a Happy Sex Life

Veganism is on the rise! Multiple companies are offering plant-based alternatives to nutritional choices for hungry consumers who don’t want to damage the environment or health through excessive animal consumption, whether they’re fully vegan, vegan(ish), or simply flexitarian. But what about the other areas where animals get used? Peel back the wonderful world of kink and adult products and there are a fair few troubling elements for vegans or environmentalists. Leather gear, feathers, fur, and horse-tail whips, ...

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