Man and woman cuddling and laughing

Romance, Poetry, and Sexual Desire

Love poems have been with us since the very formation of early human culture. Even the Bible contains a love poem, The Song of Songs, dated to about the 6th-3rd centuries BCE (given translation). Earlier still, The Love Song for Shu-Sin was believed to be written in c.2000 BCE and was found on a cuneiform tablet and recounted the tale of a king marrying a goddess. Seems we’ve been using ...

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Man and woman happy together in bed

Sex makes you happy

Having lots of sex DOES make you feel goooood… but not for the reason you think. The more you kiss, cuddle and chat, the happier you are in a relationship, research has found. IT’S no secret that people who have more sex are happier than those who rarely get lucky in the bedroom. But, while you might think it’s obvious why, new research suggests another theory. Couples who have sex more often ...

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Woman licking a door knob

15 sexterms you probably never heard about

Nothing is too crazy, if you get turned on from computers or of somebody you pass on the street and that you want to touch; everything has a name or term. You can find pretty much everything online these days, also about sex and there’s more to come. You probably have heard terms which you don’t know, or maybe you are even an expert of fetishist and you have tried out ...

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Sneezing woman

The sex sneeze

Are those the fall sniffles or are you just thinking about sex too much? Its the season to get sneezy! Well, in most part of the world the beginning of autumn doesn’t just mean beautiful colored leaves but also the beginning of flu season. There is nothing less attractive than having your date sneeze all over you. But what if it just means he is hoping for much more than ...

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Flowers and Sex

It is said that a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet but, then again, this was spoken by a teenage gang member who engaged in accidental joint suicide alongside his lover, Juliet, so can we really trust flowers when it comes to love? Thankfully, the answer is ‘Yes.’ Flowers have a long-standing history when it comes to love, sex, and romance, and the time-old tradition of delivering flowers ...

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Man and woman in bed

Study: Couples Who Sleep In Separate Beds Have More Sex

If your partner tosses and turns during the night, snores loudly, or keeps you up with running legs or sleep talking – there is a solution that might even help your sex life.  It turns out that sleeping in separate beds might increase your hours of sleep and your frequency (and enjoyment) of sex.  In a British study of 2,000 couples, more than one third of couples who did not share a ...

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Broken heart

‘Becoming Me’: Steps to Take After a Hard Break-Up

Breakups are hard to handle at the best of times, but when things end in a ‘messy’ manner then you may be left feeling devastated and in need of some recovery.  According to Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D., psychologist and author of Should I Stay or Should I Go? It can take six weeks or more to start healing from a breakup.  “We take six to eight weeks to heal a broken leg after ...

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Man looking at screen

Are you addicted to porn?

Find Out If You're Addicted to Porn With This Simple 5-Minute Test. Until the glorious age of easy internet access to porn, there was—let's face it—kind of a stigma attached to loving it. People who really enjoyed skin flicks and porn mags sometimes felt compelled even into adulthood to hide their stuff from prying eyes. Now porn is just a click and b.s. age verification away, and this has ...

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breasts in bra

DUSK’s 5 best erotic films

At DUSK, sometimes you can’t see the erotic wood for the trees. Of course, there are so many beautiful erotic scenes for you watch and which we have a lot to say about. But where to start? Well, let’s start at some of DUSK’s top-rated erotic scenes. Based on your ratings, we present to you the following top 5 erotica: #5 Sexy And She Knows It: Lutro, Dorian Del Isla & Anna Polina ...

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Man lying before a lot pots Nutella

If you love Nutella you should have a look at this…

Who knew Nutella could be sexy. This video went viral for a reason! Cemre Candar is diving into 600 lbs of Nutella. We love the combination of sweet comfort food and a fit guy taking a bath. This video is showing YouTube celeb Cemre Candar, known for his crazy food experiments, filling his bath with 600 lbs of Nutella and slowly emerging himself into it. Though he’s trying to be sensual ...

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