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5x the best porn for women

DUSK is porn for women. What does it mean, porn for women? Well, it’s about sex, that much is clear, but the big difference between regular porn and porn for women is that it’s female friendly. Sexual relationships are loving and respectful, even if it is naughty. The performers are all natural beauties and – this is the most important part- it’s about the arousal of women. A lot ...

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Man and woman sharing kinky kiss

Zippidy Zap: Electrowands and You

Have you heard of a Tazapper? This bad boy is a rod easily taken up in the hand and capable of administering an electric shock to any willing participant that you wish to tease. When it does so it makes a rather loud and intimidating sound. That, coupled with its appearance, makes the Tazapper an incredibly fun piece of kit for anyone willing to get playful with electricity. But it’s not the only option on ...

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Woman enjoying sex

8 different ways to orgasm

Oh yes! There are that many ways to the big O. Orgasms aren’t the be-all and end-all of sexual experiences, but they are pretty great and many of us enjoy reaching the apex of a really strong, fulfilling orgasm. Others are still hoping to achieve that state of climax known as an orgasm. It’s a sad fact that our society has placed so much importance on orgasms that the absence of ...

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Woman with strap-on penetrating a man

What you should know about pegging

Pegging is a term that was coined for when a woman penetrates a man using a strap-on. If you’ve just managed to stumble into this page or if you’re actively searching for tips, then you’ve come to the right place! Just like all anal sex, there are a few things that are important to know before attempting to peg for the first time. Do Your Research This might sound redundant because you’re sitting ...

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Two people trying easy sex positions

8 Easy Sex Positions!

All those fancy sex positions that have you doing cartwheels or headstands on the stairs aren’t necessary to have a good time. Sticking to the basics can be a lot of fun, especially when you throw in a few little twists! 1. Missionary, Legs This sex position is often assumed to be boring, but we can assure you that it is not! Every time you move your legs in a different way, ...

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Beautiful naked man kissing girlfriend in bed

Why morning sex is the best way to start your day

Hitting that snooze button for a thousand times, taking a quick shower and you're ready for a new stressful day. Wait! Relax! What if you're able to skip that angry morning mood by starting the day with something way more exciting? Hello, sex for breakfast! To start your day with a steamy quickie, while the sun rises, or take all the time you need for some sexy-time: you are either completely ...

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Sexy fruits on naked body

Vegan Kink: Amazing Animal-Free Alternatives for a Happy Sex Life

Veganism is on the rise! Multiple companies are offering plant-based alternatives to nutritional choices for hungry consumers who don’t want to damage the environment or health through excessive animal consumption, whether they’re fully vegan, vegan(ish), or simply flexitarian. But what about the other areas where animals get used? Peel back the wonderful world of kink and adult products and there are a fair few troubling elements for vegans or environmentalists. Leather gear, feathers, fur, and horse-tail whips, ...

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Attractive couple kissing in kitchen

How To Have Better Foreplay

Foreplay is skipped over far too often. Instead of jumping straight into intercourse, you should spend a fair amount of time warming up and pleasuring each other. Honestly, foreplay should get way more attention than it does. It can be the difference between a quickie that amounts to a one-sided climax and an explosive night to remember forever. Want to get in on the action? We have some tips on how to have better foreplay, of course! ...

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