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Food For Thought: Pre-Sex Meal Ideas

Sex is great and food is great, which can sometimes lead to a match made in heaven and other times complete disaster.  Eat an Indian right before getting it on and you know what I’m talking about.  Picking the right food for the right situation is important and, when it comes to sex, there are some foods that you absolutely want to avoid. But what about foods that can actually enhance sexual ...

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Two women in position 69

The ultimate way to 69

Who doesn't love some oral sex every once in a while? It can be just as fun to give oral pleasure as it is to be licked like a lollipop. Oh, how we just love the 69 position. These tips will help you to create an unforgettable oral sex party!  Maintain proper hygiene This should be a rule for pretty much any sexual activity! There will be times when you just want ...

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Good foreplay: 5 tips

Foreplay is an essential component of good sex and its importance is often, unfortunately, underestimated. Most people stick to the same thing: a bit of kissing, touching, feeling and that’s it. Such a shame, because foreplay can be very exhilarating. Not only that, the action can also start way before it’s actually time to get naked. Women especially benefit from a good round of foreplay, in particular before the start ...

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The Power of Powerlessness: Submission in a Nutshell

In his book, Pastoral, author Andre Alexis speaks of a pastor who bows down to the ground in prayer. And, in doing so, Alexis touches upon something that many might know or feel: “There was a great comfort in prayer. It was not so much that he felt the presence of God when he prayed…It was that kneeling – head bowed, fingers interwoven and held on to his chest – immediately ...

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Should You Talk to Your Friends About Your Sex Toys?

I used to talk to my best friend about sex with partners all the time, but we never talked about masturbation or sex toys. It was a topic that was totally left out of any conversation – probably because we had both grown up with those topics being completely taboo. The day we actually discussed masturbation (which included bringing up sex toys), we hit a new level of friendship. It ...

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5 sweet spots he doesn’t want you to miss

It's common knowledge that us women have many erogenous zones that get us in the mood, but every now and then men can also appreciate some attention for body parts other than the joystick. After all, we're all too familiar with that part. Fortunately, there are so many more sweet spots to discover.  Although most men can also appreciate a good make out session, we tend to immediately head to his ...

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Couple having romantic dinner

5 Ways for Couples to Reconnect

Life sometimes just gets in the way and leaves us a little disconnected from the important people in our lives. If that’s the case, it is crucial to spend some time and effort reconnecting with your partner. Sometimes it is just a few days that feel off, but sometimes it can drag on for weeks or months, leaving people feeling even more disconnected than ever before. Don’t worry though, not all is lost! There are ...

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Woman get a massage

Why a massage is the perfect way to seduce your lover

There’s nothing as sexy as giving or receiving a great massage. That is, as long as you’re doing it with the right person. This is why a massage is the most relaxing form of foreplay. Some music in the background to set the mood, a lovely scented massage oil and a pair of skilled hands gliding over your body: what else do you need to get yourself in the mood for ...

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Letting Go: How to Move Past Sexual Shame

There is something to say about the kink element of sex being seen as devious under a mutually agreed pretense, but when these feelings are taken sincerely and internalized then sexual shame can emerge. Sexual shame can happen for many different reasons. Sexual trauma can contribute, as can a strict religious upbringing, but these aren’t always the origin of shame. Our culture has a complex relationship with sex and it is easy to ...

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Man and woman kissing

The Best Way to Improve Your Sex Life

There is good news and then there is more good news! According to a new study in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, the best way to improve your sex life is by communicating with your partner. It doesn’t have to do with any fancy bedroom tips or tricks, or any form of “spicing things up.” The best way to improve your sex life, it to simply be ...

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