couple having sex with clothes on

How to give your sex life a boost

Remember that time when you couldn’t stop thinking about jumping into your partners lap? Or almost climaxed from the idea of the two of you making love, just lying on the bed? Wake-up call, reality hits you in the face after that intense phase. Maybe your sex life still takes you places, but if not, here are some tips to spice it up a bit. Here and now Of course, when there is that new lover in ...

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Male torso holding cockring

What to Know About Cock Rings

If you’re reading this article, it is probably safe to assume that you are new to using a C-ring. Don’t worry, because we are going to explain exactly what a cock ring is and how to properly use one. What Are Cock Rings? A cock ring is, very simply, a ring that goes around a penis. The ring can be made from a variety of materials like silicone, metal, leather, plastic, or more. ...

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Tips for quickies

Too busy for sex? Here are some tips for the perfect quickie

Let’s be honest, there are moments in your life when there isn’t much space to discover the body of your lover from head to toe. Even though you wish you had ages of time, sometimes the moment, the location or even the person doesn’t allow you for hours of sexy time. No more stress needed, we will give you the perfect tips for an unforgettable quickie. Don’t get naked May sound a ...

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Phone sex

Phone Sex: Amateur Pornography iPhone-Style

Pornography. If you’re here then you probably have an appreciation for it and we’re happy that you do! Pornography can be great. It’s linked to better relationship satisfaction and increased creativity and sexual diversity in the bedroom. But sometimes we don’t just want to watch pornography; we want to be part of the pornography. And, thankfully, now we can. The Wonders of Technology Have you ever heard of the movies Tangerine and Unsane? Love them or hate them these two movies ...

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Woman masturbating

5 masturbation tips for amazing solo sex

Your sex life with a partner isn’t the only thing that can get in a rut. Your solo sex routine can get boring as well. Time to give your me-time a boost! To do so, we listed the best masturbation tips for women. Masturbation tip 1: Set the mood Usually, we spend less time on solo sex than we do on sex with a partner. We dim the lights, put on some music, light ...

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Beautiful couple smiling while having sex_Still from "X-Confessions" by Erika Lust

How To Talk About Sex

How often do you talk about sex with your partner? We’re not talking the standard “Fancy a shag?” but actually really talked about your approach to sex, your personal views, and how you might best meet each other’s needs? If the answer is “Not very much” then you’re not alone in that. A Lack of Communication As it happens an alarmingly slim percentage of us have open and ongoing dialogues with their partner when it comes to the topic of ...

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Woman getting an erotic massage

Tips for Giving an Erotic Massage

We are huge fans of massages in general – but they get even better when you add an erotic component to them. Massages relax the body, stimulate blood flow, and can be a great way to connect with a partner on a sensual level. Especially an erotic massage. If you’re planning on giving an erotic massage, read our tips first! Or better yet, send these tips to your partner so you ...

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Couple in bed looking up.

Sex tips: 7 Things You Shouldn’t Do During Sex

Seven may be some people’s lucky number but if you do any of these seven things then you likely won’t be ‘getting lucky’ in any way, shape, or form. On the contrary, today we’re going to look at seven different things that you definitely shouldn’t do during sex. Let’s dive straight in our sex tips. #1 Not Giving Any Warm Up Sex is somewhat like cooking – in order to get the most delicious results possible ...

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Sex Toys For Men

Guide to Male Sex Toys

Male sex toys are great when used solo but they can also be used as a couple. No male sex toy needs to be exclusively for solo sessions! Learn about the common male sex toys you can purchase and see if there is anything you want to explore – solo or with a partner. Please note that in this article we are using “male” as a term to describe sex toys that are ...

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How To Keep Your Sexual Adventures Interesting

How To Keep Your Sexual Adventures Interesting

By the time couples have been together for three years or more 27% of women will be sexually dissatisfied while 41% of men will feel equally unenthused about their sexual adventures. That’s a pretty grim statistic. This comes from a 2016 study in to the satisfaction of couples in monogamous, long-term relationships and it doesn’t bode particularly well for any readers who follow such relationship methods yet still want to have a lip-bitingly good sex life. Thankfully, the study covered more ...

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