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Read her lips

Her lips are telling you what she is really thinking! When we talk about body language, we normally speak of the gestures that are made with our hands and posturing. We may even talk about the eye contact and what it says. Rarely do we speak of the lips and what they convey in the […]

Is he hung like a horse? This is the best way to give a blowjob.

The time is finally right; you’re about to have sex with your new lover. You pull his boxers down and out comes a gigantic dick. Oh my word! Satisfying a man with a big cock can be very intimidating. What is the next step? Don’t worry, we will help you out! Suck the tipPorn gave […]

Sex and Parenting: Making Space for you as New Parents

So, you’ve become parents (or caregivers). Hooray!  This is likely a highly exciting part of your life, as you begin to adjust to the fact that you’re helping to care for and shape a new little life as it goes about discovering the world. But here’s the thing about newborns: They tend to be a […]

When Sex and Porn Meet

Porn gets a bad reputation when it comes to sex. Not solo sex, obviously – in that regard it does amazingly well – but when it comes to sex between two or more individuals? Not so much.  On the surface this might seem understandable. A lot of people feel threatened by the idea of a […]

Valentine’s recipe voor lust in a 5 course menu

Oh yeah, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. The day when love is all around us. Did you make any exciting plans? Now, you can’t buy us love, but you can certainly find the way to our hearts through our stomachs! What about a romantic diner?  The ambience of candlelight, smooth music in the […]

Sex and Faith

Join us on a tour of sexual history and religion. Religion and sex and two very contentious topics, doubly so when the two come together. It’s a sad truth that, too often, religion has been used to create a climate of sexual pressure, shame, or misinformation. A lot could be said about abstinence education in […]

Vagina fitness

5 exercises to get your vagina as tight as your ass. You might be spending your days sweating in the gym to get that flat stomach and rock-hard ass. Or maybe you don’t care so much and hope to reveal the extra skin with a firm shaping bathing suit. But if there is some part […]

The World Through His Eyes – part 2

After experiencing an act of love with Claire, I was sure about one thing; I could trust her, and she deeply loved Will. It felt a bit as if I was making her cheat on Will with me. However, what mattered most at that moment was that I significantly calmed down and was able to […]

Romance, Poetry, and Sexual Desire

Love poems have been with us since the very formation of early human culture. Even the Bible contains a love poem, The Song of Songs, dated to about the 6th-3rd centuries BCE (given translation). Earlier still, The Love Song for Shu-Sin was believed to be written in c.2000 BCE and was found on a cuneiform […]

The Tantalizing Tease of Tantra

Have you ever caught yourself just staring deeply in to your partner’s eyes? Tracing their features with a slow half-gaze, breath shallow as you gently take them in, body and soul? If so then you’re already partially acquainted with the sexual potency of Tantra. What Is Tantra? Rooted in the traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, […]

The World Through His Eyes – part 1

Gently my consciousness set back into my body and gradually awakened it. My eyes were still closed. I could only sense the softness of the sheets around me and the heat they had captured and collected from my body throughout the night. I forced my eyes to stay shut, I wanted to remain in the […]

5 Hardest (but not Impossible) Sex Positions

The second article about sex positions, but this week five difficult moves. This week we are going to provide you with a list of really hard sex positions. Of course, there are positions that are almost impossible to do, but we didn’t think we should include them. Instead, these are difficult positions that you might […]

Sex makes you happy

Having lots of sex DOES make you feel goooood… but not for the reason you think. The more you kiss, cuddle and chat, the happier you are in a relationship, research has found. IT’S no secret that people who have more sex are happier than those who rarely get lucky in the bedroom. But, while you […]

Micronutrients: The Secret Tool For Sexual Satisfaction

When it comes to good health nutrition is key.  And, no, we’re not just talking in the gym here, or when training for a big sporting event. Nutrition is the cornerstone of a healthy and energy-filled life. Our body requires a certain amount of macro and micronutrients each day in order to function properly. Macronutrients […]

BDSM gear you’ve probably never heard of…

Nowadays it seems like everyone and their not-so-vanilla mother knows at least a little about BDSM. But for many there’s still whole spectrum of kinky gear that remains entirely unexplored. These items are either reserved to a specific fetish or are simply so initially innocuous that their potential for play is easily overlooked. To the […]

Let’s play some adult games

Fun & Games for 18+ only! A pair of dice. A deck of cards you promise to follow. A full board game or a more adult-looking version of Twister. Adult games come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s as simple as shaking the object in your hand and letting them fall down to […]

4 directions to mind-blowing oral sex

It doesn’t matter your gender or sexuality or who your partner is – there are certain tips for oral sex that are just damn good. We could talk about specific tips for fellatio or cunnilingus, but we’d rather just agree that everyone likes something different. These are tips that are pretty applicable to any oral […]

15 sexterms you probably never heard about

Nothing is too crazy, if you get turned on from computers or of somebody you pass on the street and that you want to touch; everything has a name or term. You can find pretty much everything online these days, also about sex and there’s more to come. You probably have heard terms which you […]

5 Kama Sutra positions you should really try

Whether you’re looking for deep penetration or a short, fast quickie, the Kama Sutra has a position for that! Looking to move beyond missionary? Try turning to the Kama Sutra—the ancient sex bible that’s full of bizarre, awkward, and ridiculously acrobatic sex positions that most of us have never tried. While that might sound uninviting, […]

Kinky Kittens and Bouncy Bunnies: The Many Aspects of Pet Play

This month the UK are celebrating National Pet Month—a month dedicated to the love (and responsible care) of pets! What better time to start delving in to the thrilling fetish of Pet Play and some of its many aspects? What Is Pet Play? Pet Play is essentially a form of BDSM roleplay in which one […]

Best Spots for a Quickie

Whether it is at your place of at a party, quickies are a fabulous way to have a little bit of fast fun. Sometimes there is a need for a quickie! If you’re at a boring event or if you’re rushing off to a busy workday… sometimes it just feels good to have a little […]

7 sexy things to try before the end of 2019

The end of the year might be approaching but there is still plenty of time to sexually experiment! Thinking about trying something new? Here are a few sexy things to try before the end of 2019. #1 Try Out Role-Playing If you haven’t tested the waters of role-playing, there is still time to squeeze in […]

How to bring a low libido back up again

There is nothing wrong with having a low libido. Sometimes our sex drive can fluctuate throughout the month, throughout the year, on different medications, with different partners or jobs or workout routines, or really anything. Having a low libido doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you – but if you want to boost your […]

The sex sneeze

Are those the fall sniffles or are you just thinking about sex too much? Its the season to get sneezy! Well, in most part of the world the beginning of autumn doesn’t just mean beautiful colored leaves but also the beginning of flu season. There is nothing less attractive than having your date sneeze all […]

Love Without Borders – part 2

Linda and Leboo’s lives had been fundamentally different until they met: Linda grew up in a typical white, middle-class family with her older brother and younger sister. The societal programming of her unconscious mind caused her to imagine a life that looked the same, or partly the same, as that of her parents. She was […]

How to seduce him in no time

Every woman, yes every woman, knows how to seduce, including you! It’s all about the mindset.  When you feel sexy, your partner will also see you like that! Being self-assured is quite an attractive quality. However, if you are not that self-assured and you haven’t got a clue how to seduce your partner: no worries! […]

What’s In A Hairstyle? Wigs and You

Have you ever seen a movie where a woman flips their hair to one side, gently brushes it out of her face, or has it blow suggestively back in the wind? Have you ever thought about grapping your partner’s hair, tugging it tightly and going just that little deeper in to her? Or have you […]

4 orgasms for you to enjoy

There will be a lot of climaxing for you this weekend. The weekend started and when you’re lucky this means more time in bed! Ofcourse you can spend it sleeping, but we found some other bedroom pleasures for you. According to a recent study published in the journal NeuroQuantology, there are four distinct types of […]

Giving the Perfect Gift This December

December is upon us! Seasonal cheer fills the air, people are feeling goodwill towards each other, and gift giving is on the agenda. Sure, gifts can be exchanged any time of the year, but there’s something special about having a day dedicated entirely to letting those around you know just how well you know them […]

Unique date ideas on a budget

Stuck for date night ideas? You’ve come to the right place! Watching a movie and going for dinner are classic choices for a reason, but sometimes you want to do something a bit different without breaking the bank. Here are some unique date night ideas that will both impress your date and keep your wallet […]

Love Without Borders – part 1

The first step onto the Kenyan land felt like coming home. Linda was not sure how this was possible; she’d never been to Africa in her life before. Still, the strong energy of the land and the people awakened something deep inside of her. Her senses seemed heightened and alert, taking in all the unfamiliar […]

Why exercise leads to better sex

Not only does exercise make your body look at its best, it also leads to a better sex life. Exercise improves your stamina, makes you more flexible and makes your body release endorphines. All these factors lead to an overall improved sex life. Improved libidoResearch shows that regular exercise increases your sex drive. Research done […]

‘Call Me By My Name’: Sexual Labelling in BDSM

Names are a potent thing.  They can define us, endear us to someone, or help create an entirely new identity.  In a sexual setting they can also be an important way of framing a scene, a relationship, or how we hope to be treated by our playmate.  For anyone new to BDSM the idea of […]

5 yoga poses for better sex

The best yoga moves to put your body ánd mind in the mood. Great sex is one of the ultimate mind-body experiences. So is great yoga. Not only is yoga an amazing stress reliever, but certain postures improve flexibility, increase blood flow, and open your heart—all of which are necessary for a hot sex life. […]

What You Need to Know About Squirting

Squirting is an amazing thing to discover. Be patient and learn about your body and its miracles. What is Squirting?We’re going to talk about squirting! This is when a liquid is ejected from a small opening in a thin, fast stream. When we talk about sexual squirting, we are talking about an expulsion of fluid […]

The Strongest Shape: part 9

Alfred was a man relatively in touch with both his masculinity and femininity. The feminine side expressed itself in various ways. He never had difficulties finding the words to express his emotions and Karen had seen him crying on multiple occasions. He was incredibly caring towards any being he met, and his touch held a […]

5 sexy things to try out in the bedroom

Are you tired of the same old boring sex positions? Are you ready to spice things up, but missing the drive to take action? Let us provide you with some tips and tricks to help you on your way! Toys ain’t just for boysBoost your sex life by welcoming some new sex toys to the […]

Flowers and Sex

It is said that a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet but, then again, this was spoken by a teenage gang member who engaged in accidental joint suicide alongside his lover, Juliet, so can we really trust flowers when it comes to love? Thankfully, the answer is ‘Yes.’ Flowers have a […]

Fall in love – The best sex tips for autumn

Is there any better season than autumn? Hot chocolate and marshmallows, crisp, orange leaves on the trees, the smell of freshness and bonfires in the air. Autumn has such a distinct aesthetic and style to it that it’s hard not to be drawn in to the spirit of the season. And why not? With so […]

Sexual Feeling: six alternatives for sex without penetration

Ah sex. The mere mention of the word musters up a mental image with near immediacy. Typically, such an image involves a conventionally gendered man and woman, straight (of course), and very often white. Although most of us know that sex expands far beyond this—involving many different genders, sexualities, actions and kinks—it’s hard to shake […]

The Strongest Shape: part 8

As it turned out, the simultaneous penetration from Rebekah and Alfred, or rather attempt thereof, had proven to be incredibly difficult. For a short moment, they succeeded, but the scene quickly had turned from erotic to humorous. After a long laughing fit they had felt more like cuddling and spent the rest of the night […]

Must try in the weekend: rough sex

Spending a romantic evening together definitely has its charms. Just imagine: a long and intense round of foreplay, an extensive make out session while stroking each other before actually starting the deed. But sometimes, you’re just in the mood for something completely different and you just want to be manhandled. Us women often find it […]

Fisting: A 101

Fisting is a controversial act. Some people consider it to be an extreme and violent act, others consider it one of the most intimate actions that you can perform with a partner. Neither of these opinions are untrue; what fisting means to you is something that will be very individual and informed by your own […]

Monster Mash

The best horror movies to watch pre sex. If there’s one thing we absolutely love doing around Halloween it’s watching scary movies. Don’t believe us? Just take the ‘Demand It’ campaign ran by Paranormal Activity back in 2009. Originally only airing in a select few cinemas, the Paranormal Activity crew showed some audience reactions to […]

Study: Couples Who Sleep In Separate Beds Have More Sex

If your partner tosses and turns during the night, snores loudly, or keeps you up with running legs or sleep talking – there is a solution that might even help your sex life.  It turns out that sleeping in separate beds might increase your hours of sleep and your frequency (and enjoyment) of sex.  In […]

The Marathon: part 3

  Mapa and Bella were already six hours and a total of ten orgasms, into their sex marathon and the world around them had lost all its importance. For the moment it was just them, the music, and the flow of energy that was guiding them deeper into the dimension of lust. During one moment […]

How to know you’re great in bed

Have you ever wondered whether you’re good in bed? Maybe you’re a solid 8, a mind-blowing 10 or perhaps just a mediocre 6? How can you tell if you’re any good under the sheets? Respect to you if you dare to ask your lover directly— not everyone has the courage. These are the signs that […]

Sex in the Workplace: What to Do and What to Avoid

Sometimes romance happens at work, and no matter what you do, you can’t resist your co-worker. Spending all of your time with the same people can create unique relationships, which might end up including an office romance!  If that chemistry is too powerful to resist, there are a few things to consider before jumping into […]

Food For Thought: Pre-Sex Meal Ideas

Sex is great and food is great, which can sometimes lead to a match made in heaven and other times complete disaster.  Eat an Indian right before getting it on and you know what I’m talking about.  Picking the right food for the right situation is important and, when it comes to sex, there are […]

The ultimate way to 69

Who doesn’t love some oral sex every once in a while? It can be just as fun to give oral pleasure as it is to be licked like a lollipop. Oh, how we just love the 69 position. These tips will help you to create an unforgettable oral sex party!  Maintain proper hygiene This should be […]

The Strongest Shape: part 7

Months had passed since Rebekah, Alfred and Karen made passionate love to each other for the first time and a substantial amount of things had changed since. They were officially a triad in a closed relationship. A relationship in which the love seemed to grow exponentially and it felt as if they had been together […]

Good foreplay: 5 tips

Foreplay is an essential component of good sex and its importance is often, unfortunately, underestimated. Most people stick to the same thing: a bit of kissing, touching, feeling and that’s it. Such a shame, because foreplay can be very exhilarating. Not only that, the action can also start way before it’s actually time to get […]

The Power of Powerlessness: Submission in a Nutshell

In his book, Pastoral, author Andre Alexis speaks of a pastor who bows down to the ground in prayer. And, in doing so, Alexis touches upon something that many might know or feel: “There was a great comfort in prayer. It was not so much that he felt the presence of God when he prayed…It […]

How to Incorporate Blindfolds in the Bedroom

Blindfolds are a small piece of fabric that can make a big difference! If you’re looking to experiment in the bedroom, then blindfolds are an excellent option. They aren’t necessarily as intimidating as experimenting with other objects and they are easy to remove if you aren’t enjoying the experience.  The fun part about blindfolds is […]

Should You Talk to Your Friends About Your Sex Toys?

I used to talk to my best friend about sex with partners all the time, but we never talked about masturbation or sex toys. It was a topic that was totally left out of any conversation – probably because we had both grown up with those topics being completely taboo. The day we actually discussed […]

What a Man: part 1

It was a Saturday afternoon. Claire entered the bus. It was completely packed, but one seat had recently gotten unoccupied. She didn’t feel like standing during the long ride that was ahead of her. She was determined to sit down and dashed towards it. The man on the neighbouring seat had seen her aiming at […]

5 sweet spots he doesn’t want you to miss

It’s common knowledge that us women have many erogenous zones that get us in the mood, but every now and then men can also appreciate some attention for body parts other than the joystick. After all, we’re all too familiar with that part. Fortunately, there are so many more sweet spots to discover.  Although most […]

‘Becoming Me’: Steps to Take After a Hard Break-Up

Breakups are hard to handle at the best of times, but when things end in a ‘messy’ manner then you may be left feeling devastated and in need of some recovery.  According to Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D., psychologist and author of Should I Stay or Should I Go? It can take six weeks or more to […]

Are you addicted to porn?

Find Out If You’re Addicted to Porn With This Simple 5-Minute Test. Until the glorious age of easy internet access to porn, there was—let’s face it—kind of a stigma attached to loving it. People who really enjoyed skin flicks and porn mags sometimes felt compelled even into adulthood to hide their stuff from prying eyes. […]

5 Ways for Couples to Reconnect

Life sometimes just gets in the way and leaves us a little disconnected from the important people in our lives. If that’s the case, it is crucial to spend some time and effort reconnecting with your partner. Sometimes it is just a few days that feel off, but sometimes it can drag on for weeks […]

The Marathon: part 2

by: Victoria Hawk Bella could not stop analysing the position they were in. She quickly realised that the myth might be the open communication about their bodies and the sex they had with them, had caused Bella to bust many myths in the process. She’d never believed in the existence of the g-spot, but was […]

Why a massage is the perfect way to seduce your lover

There’s nothing as sexy as giving or receiving a great massage. That is, as long as you’re doing it with the right person. This is why a massage is the most relaxing form of foreplay. Some music in the background to set the mood, a lovely scented massage oil and a pair of skilled hands […]

Letting Go: How to Move Past Sexual Shame

There is something to say about the kink element of sex being seen as devious under a mutually agreed pretense, but when these feelings are taken sincerely and internalized then sexual shame can emerge. Sexual shame can happen for many different reasons. Sexual trauma can contribute, as can a strict religious upbringing, but these aren’t […]

DUSK’s 5 best erotic films

At DUSK, sometimes you can’t see the erotic wood for the trees. Of course, there are so many beautiful erotic scenes for you watch and which we have a lot to say about. But where to start? Well, let’s start at some of DUSK’s top-rated erotic scenes. Based on your ratings, we present to you […]

If you love Nutella you should have a look at this…

Who knew Nutella could be sexy. This video went viral for a reason! Cemre Candar is diving into 600 lbs of Nutella. We love the combination of sweet comfort food and a fit guy taking a bath. This video is showing YouTube celeb Cemre Candar, known for his crazy food experiments, filling his bath with 600 […]

The Best Way to Improve Your Sex Life

There is good news and then there is more good news! According to a new study in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, the best way to improve your sex life is by communicating with your partner. It doesn’t have to do with any fancy bedroom tips or tricks, or any form of “spicing […]

The Strongest Shape: part 6

Before Rebekah can into the lives of Karen and Alfred, their sex been in between great and mind-blowing. The first time Karen had kissed Alfred, she knew this would be the case. During her lifetime, she’d somehow found a correlation between kisses and sex: A lousy kisser had always been a lousy sex partner as […]

Dirtytalk: dit zijn de do’s and don’ts

What may be extremely hot to one person, may just be awkward to another: dirty talk. A shame, since these lustful words have the potential to spice up your sex life quite a bit. How to go about it? We will happily help you on your way. From that one exciting text while you’re at […]

5x the best porn for women

DUSK is porn for women. What does it mean, porn for women? Well, it’s about sex, that much is clear, but the big difference between regular porn and porn for women is that it’s female friendly. Sexual relationships are loving and respectful, even if it is naughty. The performers are all natural beauties and – […]

Zippidy Zap: Electrowands and You

Have you heard of a Tazapper? This bad boy is a rod easily taken up in the hand and capable of administering an electric shock to any willing participant that you wish to tease. When it does so it makes a rather loud and intimidating sound. That, coupled with its appearance, makes the Tazapper an […]

8 different ways to orgasm

Oh yes! There are that many ways to the big O. Orgasms aren’t the be-all and end-all of sexual experiences, but they are pretty great and many of us enjoy reaching the apex of a really strong, fulfilling orgasm. Others are still hoping to achieve that state of climax known as an orgasm. It’s a […]

9 Most Romantic Destinations Around the World

After learning how to have better sex while on vacation, we thought it would be appropriate to write about the most romantic destinations around the world! Of course, there are tons of places that are charming, whimsical or sultry, but we chose these 9 destinations as a starting point for your next vacation planning.  Check […]

The Marathon: part 1

By Victoria Hawk Bella finally had the house to herself; her roommate had gone on a camping trip. She wanted to make the most of the empty house and spend it with her new flame — Mary-Payne. Until now, their sexual encounters had been in between great and mind-blowing, and especially for Bella, also revealing. […]

Awkward bed scenes we’ve all experienced

Sex is fun, relaxing and an amazing pastime. But let’s be honest, sometimes it can also get a bit clumsy between the sheets. From queefing to drunken sex: you’ve probably experienced these awkward bed scenes at some point. In movies and porn it may seem as though sex happens neatly, with an explosive orgasm in […]

What you should know about pegging

Pegging is a term that was coined for when a woman penetrates a man using a strap-on. If you’ve just managed to stumble into this page or if you’re actively searching for tips, then you’ve come to the right place! Just like all anal sex, there are a few things that are important to know before […]

8 Easy Sex Positions!

All those fancy sex positions that have you doing cartwheels or headstands on the stairs aren’t necessary to have a good time. Sticking to the basics can be a lot of fun, especially when you throw in a few little twists! 1. Missionary, Legs This sex position is often assumed to be boring, but we […]

Why You Should Watch Porn Alone and With a Partner

There is no right way to watch porn. You can put it on in the background or project it onto a big screen, you can turn the volume up or leave it on silent. You can watch it whatever way works for you but we have a few good reasons we think you should try […]

Why morning sex is the best way to start your day

Hitting that snooze button for a thousand times, taking a quick shower and you’re ready for a new stressful day. Wait! Relax! What if you’re able to skip that angry morning mood by starting the day with something way more exciting? Hello, sex for breakfast! To start your day with a steamy quickie, while the […]

Vegan Kink: Amazing Animal-Free Alternatives for a Happy Sex Life

Veganism is on the rise! Multiple companies are offering plant-based alternatives to nutritional choices for hungry consumers who don’t want to damage the environment or health through excessive animal consumption, whether they’re fully vegan, vegan(ish), or simply flexitarian. But what about the other areas where animals get used? Peel back the wonderful world of kink […]

These sexy dates will make the best foreplay for some amazing sex

With a hot summer coming, there’s nothing more exciting as a date with the love of your life – or just with the person of that moment. But grabbing a drink or having dinner with candlelight is old news. With these dating tips, you’ll definitely get in the mood for some sexy time. Pinky promise. […]

How To Have Better Foreplay

Foreplay is skipped over far too often. Instead of jumping straight into intercourse, you should spend a fair amount of time warming up and pleasuring each other. Honestly, foreplay should get way more attention than it does. It can be the difference between a quickie that amounts to a one-sided climax and an explosive night […]

Why heterosexual women love lesbian porn

The fact that women like porno as much as men do, isn’t something we have to be mysterious about anymore. Did you also know that most women get excited by watching two women make love? Yes, please! Set up a movie to make sure everything is warmed up down there: been there done that. It […]

What Does It Mean to be Beach Body Ready?Swimwear and Sexual Appeal

The sun is coming out and, in some places, it’s already in full force. People are swarming to beaches, sunbathing in their gardens, and generally getting themselves in to swimwear and bikinis to enjoy the weather. And, with that, comes the ‘beach body’ trend. Being ‘Beach Body Ready’ The idea of a ‘beach body’ has […]

With these tips sexting will be absolutely amazing

Making a sexy photo or sending a spicy text about whatever you like to do when you are finally together: sexting is hot. You’ve probably done it yourself, but how can you make sure that you get the most out of sexy texting? When you’re just friends with benefits with that handsome guy or whenever […]

Study: Religious Couples Report Greater Sexual Satisfaction

We don’t tend to mention religion very often over at Dusk TV but we came across an interesting study that has to do with faith and sex! So of course, we want to share the results with you! Researchers from Brigham Young University (BYU) and Baylor University conducted a study to determine the association between […]

The Strongest Shape: part 5

 The image of the painting at the art exhibition kept running through Alfred’s mind. Suddenly, he had a realisation — triangles can have different forms. The essential aspects are obviously the three sides and three angles that add up to 180˚, but these sides and angles have the freedom to differ from each other. However, […]

All you need to know about lubricant

Every woman who is completely in the mood for sex automatically gets wet enough to start having sex. But when the ambiance and the finger technique of your lover aren’t enough to start that sexy-time without a dry vagina, we present you some tips for using lubricant the best way. Get in the mood Of […]

What you do when your lover has a big one

Making out with a man who has some serious business down there, doesn’t mean you’ll have great sex automatically. But let’s be honest: his big penis can spice up that sexy-time a bit. But when his dingdong is wáy over average, we’ll have some tips for you. The size of their penis: it’s something most […]

5 Sex-Empowering Things You Can Do For Pride Month

June is Pride Month, which means a time to celebrate and rally for safe and inclusive spaces for all in the LGBTQI community. Pride Month was initially founded to remember and honor the Stonewall Riots which occurred in Manhattan in 1969 and pride parades, picnics, exhibitions, and events are held all over the world to […]

Have Even Better Vacation Sex

Sex on vacation? Not sure if anything could ever top that! We have a few tips and tricks to make vacation sex even better. Yes, it can be even better! Here are 6 ways to enjoy better vacation sex. #1. Book a Nice Accommodation Vacations are expensive, and it can be tempting to rent a […]

Why sextoys will spice up your sexlife

Using a sex toy in the bedroom isn’t something to be ashamed of anymore. But still, not everybody is convinced when it comes up to the utility of our vibrating friends. Maybe you’ll think it’s not necessary, or your partner feels this way. Well, you can skip this one: especially in a long-term relationship, sex […]

Changing Roles: Gender Play in the Bedroom

In a 1918 publication of infants clothing it was suggested that boys wear pink and girls wear blue. This being because “pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.” In the above description we learn two […]

The Strongest Shape: part 4

The tension in the room was high; all of them bewildered by what was happening. None of them could reach climax, regardless they stopped at the same instant. For a moment, only the sound of panting was present. Alfred and Karen were staring into each other eyes, afraid to look over to Rebekah, suddenly realising […]

11 facts you didn’t know about condoms

TA condom is something very important when your private parts mean something to you, which you probably already knew. And that it will also help you from becoming a mother when the time is not right, is probably not something you missed either. But wait. There is more! Did you also know that… #1… most […]

What to Know About Edging Orgasms

You’ve probably experienced orgasm edging at some point in your life but you might not have known it by name. Orgasm edging is when you are brought close to orgasm, but stopped from having an actual orgasm, just to repeat it again and again until you finally have a gigantic orgasm. This can be done […]

With these positions you’ll get that g-spot orgasm

Climaxing during some good stimulation on your clit can be absolutely amazing, we all can relate. But that kind of orgasm is probably already a bit familiar too you. Luckily there are enough other orgasms left too discover! How about peaking while being stimulated on that spongy spot inside your vagina? If you don’t have […]

Master of the Cane: Impact Play and Its Appeal

After a cheeky remark, a mischievous glint shot across the eyes of Jody’s playmate which made their genitals twinge with delight and their heart beat just a little faster. Already anticipating what was to come and eager to please, Jody bent themselves forward on to the side of the bed and presented their bare and […]

How to give your sex life a boost

Remember that time when you couldn’t stop thinking about jumping into your partners lap? Or almost climaxed from the idea of the two of you making love, just lying on the bed? Wake-up call, reality hits you in the face after that intense phase. Maybe your sex life still takes you places, but if not, […]

What to Know About Cock Rings

If you’re reading this article, it is probably safe to assume that you are new to using a C-ring. Don’t worry, because we are going to explain exactly what a cock ring is and how to properly use one. What Are Cock Rings? A cock ring is, very simply, a ring that goes around a […]

The Strongest Shape: part 3

Alfred was genuinely happy for Karen that she had found someone with whom she connected so well on both a physical as mental level. He hated to admit that he was slightly jealous as well, not of the other woman, but more of Karen’s experience as a whole. He was not worried about Karen’s feelings […]

Too busy for sex? Here are some tips for the perfect quickie

Let’s be honest, there are moments in your life when there isn’t much space to discover the body of your lover from head to toe. Even though you wish you had ages of time, sometimes the moment, the location or even the person doesn’t allow you for hours of sexy time. No more stress needed, […]

Phone Sex: Amateur Pornography iPhone-Style

Pornography. If you’re here then you probably have an appreciation for it and we’re happy that you do! Pornography can be great. It’s linked to better relationship satisfaction and increased creativity and sexual diversity in the bedroom. But sometimes we don’t just want to watch pornography; we want to be part of the pornography. And, thankfully, now […]

5 masturbation tips for amazing solo sex

Your sex life with a partner isn’t the only thing that can get in a rut. Your solo sex routine can get boring as well. Time to give your me-time a boost! To do so, we listed the best masturbation tips for women. Masturbation tip 1: Set the mood Usually, we spend less time on […]

How To Talk About Sex

How often do you talk about sex with your partner? We’re not talking the standard “Fancy a shag?” but actually really talked about your approach to sex, your personal views, and how you might best meet each other’s needs? If the answer is “Not very much” then you’re not alone in that. A Lack of […]

Why women cheat

The other day, I had a conversation with a friend about how men are portrayed to cheat on their partners way more often than women. My friend had just discovered one of her friends had been cheated on, and had gone on a little rant about how men are less faithful than women. In my […]

What Vaping Does for Your Sexlife

Does vaping make you a better lover as opposed to lighting up a cigarette? And what about fetishes? Vaping Vaping is now an international phenomenon and with very good reason. Governments have been vocal in highlighting the fact that vaping is 95% less detrimental than smoking a cigarette or other methods of nicotine intake. Studies […]

Tips for Giving an Erotic Massage

We are huge fans of massages in general – but they get even better when you add an erotic component to them. Massages relax the body, stimulate blood flow, and can be a great way to connect with a partner on a sensual level. Especially an erotic massage. If you’re planning on giving an erotic […]

MILF Fantasies Are So Popular, why ?

The UK just celebrated Mothering Sunday – a nation-wide day of letting your mum know just how much you love them. But, if porn sites are anything to go off of, a lot of other people just might love your mother too…read more about MILF Fantasies. The MILF The idea of the MILF (or Mom […]

Sex tips: 7 Things You Shouldn’t Do During Sex

Seven may be some people’s lucky number but if you do any of these seven things then you likely won’t be ‘getting lucky’ in any way, shape, or form. On the contrary, today we’re going to look at seven different things that you definitely shouldn’t do during sex. Let’s dive straight in our sex tips. […]

The Strongest Shape: part 2

What Rebekah lacked in age she made up for in experience. Her childhood was rough and forced her to grow up fast. Still, the emotional damage was reduced by a young man that turned up in her life at the right moment in time and guided her through the hardship with love, patience, and understanding. […]

Guide to Male Sex Toys

Male sex toys are great when used solo but they can also be used as a couple. No male sex toy needs to be exclusively for solo sessions! Learn about the common male sex toys you can purchase and see if there is anything you want to explore – solo or with a partner. Please […]

How To Keep Your Sexual Adventures Interesting

By the time couples have been together for three years or more 27% of women will be sexually dissatisfied while 41% of men will feel equally unenthused about their sexual adventures. That’s a pretty grim statistic. This comes from a 2016 study in to the satisfaction of couples in monogamous, long-term relationships and it doesn’t bode particularly […]

Piercings and Sex

Piercings can have the ability to enhance your sex life, but it doesn’t mean everyone who gets these piercings have done them for sexual reasons. As well, it doesn’t mean these types of piercings enhance sex lives of anyone and everyone who gets them. Piercings are incredibly personal, especially in the more private areas of […]

How to have sex in the tub

It’s one of our favorite topics here at DUSK; how to relax and chill, in a sexy way, with or without a partner. That is, besides serious politics and women’s rights of course. Now one of my favorite relaxing places to do IT is the tub. There is a lot of potential in a large […]

How to keep the romance going after Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about spoiling your partner! A new study by EdenFantasys, revealed that out of 2,000 polled Americans, 58 percent of people said they have better sex on Valentine’s Day than the rest of the year. However, we don’t just want you to have great sex on one day of the year – […]

Is Valentine’s Day still worth celebrating?

Valentine’s Day comes annually with signals of inflatable love heart balloons, saccharine cuddy toy displays, and chocolates that are overpriced and likely not very good for you. The History of Valentine’s Day St. Valentine of Terni was martyred in 269 C.E. and although the 69 seems oddly appropriate the real history of Valentine’s is anything […]

How to talk dirty

Dirty talk before, during, or after sex can be a huge turn on. It might be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it can have a powerful effect over the body and the mind, so let’s talk dirty! Dirty talk not only does it engage your imagination, it can be […]

Erotic Story: The Strongest Shape – Part 1

Months had passed since Karen and Alfred had decided to open up their relationship of five years to (loving) other people, and there was still nothing exciting happening. Their decision wasn’t based on any dysfunctionalities in their relationship. Instead, it was the opposite. Their relationship was, or at least felt, near to perfection. Their communication […]

5 reasons to ditch your sexual expectations

So the New Year is here and you’ve got some big sex goals. HUGE ones perhaps. Here’s why you should ditch your expectations. We’re talking electroplay, orgies, swinging from the roof while being propelled by a proper paddling type of goals. We admire your aspiration. But we also want to be the Devil’s advocate here… […]

Why you should totally watch SEX EDUCATION

We have a new favourite show on Netflix! It’s called “Sex Education” and it is so good you won’t want it to end. While the title might be a bit misleading, it is not in fact, a formal education video series. Instead, it is about a teenage boy with a sex therapist mother that starts […]

Playing with candles

The days are dark and the nights long, temperatures are dropping. I don’t know about you, but I have begun my retreat indoors, eating a little more and craving the warmth of an inviting log fire and candles. Alluring as those crackling stacks of wood are, however, the erotic adventurer might do well to consider […]

How to masturbate for the first time

I don’t know about you, but I never learned about female masturbation. I knew it was a thing that existed but I never learned what it really meant or how to actually do it. Female masturbation is often skipped over in sex education for a multitude of sexist reasons I won’t go in to. We […]

How to get hot in winter times

A person lies in bed, their eyes groggy as they just awake. It’s still dark outside, they can hear the wind howling violently. A single foot slipped tentatively out of the blankets swiftly confirms that the biting chill of winter is alive and well in the bedroom. It’s enough to send a shiver up the […]

Erotic Story: Midnight Sex

The night was as dark as it could be, not even the moon was providing any additional light. She was flying through the air, the city beneath her in the shadows of the night, but still buzzing with artificial lights and noises. It never slept. Her journey was aimless, but not without purpose –  she […]

How to be more body-positive

Body positivity is not inherently a sexy topic, but we think it is pretty sex-related! One: There are a whole lot of naked bodies around Dusk TV. Two: Sex is better with confidence! Three: You are perfect just the way you are, which is pretty damn sexy! Body positivity is all about feeling good in […]

The appeal of red hair

In fact, all tones of ginger are now celebrated during the annual Kiss A Ginger Day celebrations on January 12th – meant to replace the old schoolboy tradition of Kick A Ginger Day, which takes place in November (red-heads beware). Kissing someone with ginger hair is something we can definitely get behind, especially given the […]

Extending your penis

It is the consensus of those that enjoy penises that size and shape don’t necessarily matter. 85% of women, when surveyed, were generally happy with their partner’s penis and overall research suggests that general appearance is much more of a preference than size. In fact, for brief encounters women surveyed said they appreciate and average […]

10 ideas for your sexual Bucket List

You know what is more fun than a bucket list? A sexual bucket list! A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before a certain time period. We love the idea of making New Year’s resolutions so why not make your own bucket list filled with sexual activities to accomplish in […]

How to choose the perfect porn

There is porn everywhere on the internet, which can make it hard to find the perfect site and the perfect type of porn videos for you to watch. If you have thought about it – it probably exists. There are so many niche sites and fetish videos – it can feel overwhelming to begin. Fear […]

5 firework inspired sex acts

Fireworks are a mainstay for main autumnal festivals which is strange when you think about it, given how much it rains in some place in autumn and how poorly fireworks do under wet, windy, and cloudy conditions. When we ring the New Year in it is with the explosive display of fireworks and in the […]

10 tips for quickies

There is nothing quite like having a really good quickie. Passion, spontaneity and pleasure all wrapped into a few high-intensity moments. Of course, there are less-than-stellar quickies but we are here to make sure you have the best quickies possible. Follow these tips in preparation for your next booty call. #1 Build Up to the […]

7 ways to find a date during the holidays

‘Tis the season for coupling up! It might be all the cheesy Christmas movies, the promises of warm fireplaces in chalets, or the need to add a little excitement to the day because the sun sets so damn early. No one says you have to date the person forever – you can just have a […]

Candy at Christmas

It’s not long until Christmas now, or the other festive occasions of December and sweet treats are presented to us everywhere. Iconic among them is the red and white candy cane. It’s striking spiraling form is contrasted perfectly against its firm and curved rod. With such a prominent ‘handle’ section and such a clear straight […]

Erotic Story: Stories from Mount Olympus: Zeus & Europa

Zeus, the king of the gods, was sitting on top of his golden throne on Mount Olympus in Greece, carefree as always. Zeus was a fair god but was quickly tempered, unleashing rage in form of thunderbolts upon the land. Next to Zeus was Hera, the queen of Mount Olympus and goddess of marriage and […]

Does size matter?

It’s one of the most popular sculptures in the world: People travel from all over the globe to look at and marvel at the grandiose form of Michelangelo’s David. But, look a little closer and you may notice something. David’s hands have been made overly big. This helps with anatomy for people when looking up […]

4 sensual shows on Netflix

Don’t you love the feeling of finding a new show on Netflix and settling in for the night? Especially as the nights have become much darker much earlier! Well, we are here with some recommendations for your next evening on the couch! These four Netflix shows aren’t necessarily sexy, but they all have sensual elements […]

How feeling cold can make you a better lover

According to most surveys out there, the vast majority of people prefer hot weather over cold – with almost a 2-to-1 ratio in the US. The same can be said for cold weather and the bedroom too. In fact, in one study it was found that people who had cold feet while trying to engage […]

Dating after 40

Dating in your 40s doesn’t have to be miserable and complicated. It can actually be really fun and successful! Not sure where to start? Here are some helpful tips for dating in your 40s! # 1 Dating Happens Online The dating world is definitely online. It’s always possible to meet people at an activity or […]

If your partner faces discrimination

Recently we have seen a double whammy of discrimination left right and center in Western media. Not only was American tennis player Serena Williams held to standards that have widely been considered sexist by an umpire at the US Open final but the incident was then depicted in a racist light by an Australian publication. […]

A-sexuality: the 101

The scene starts. The eyes of two individuals lock intensely. They move closer together and, stroking each other’s skin as a light primer, begin to engage in an intimate dance of passion and pure sexual tension. Yet as you look on at the intertwined flesh on display you see simply that; two bodies engaging in […]

Paying for sex

It is totally normal for you to feel a bit nervous before hiring your first escort or sex worker. There is a lot of stigma associated with paying for sex, which means there isn’t very much information available about what to do and what to not do when hiring an escort or sex worker. We […]

When you’re without a partner

A solitary individual sits down at a coffee shop, occupying one of the two seats positioned around a circular art nouveau table. Watching the world go by, they pick up their latte, nurse it between their hands, and take a contented, fulfilled sip. They are not waiting for someone to meet them. They are not […]

Myth busting: the winter penis

Last week, we wrote about the Winter Vagina and why that term is all sorts of wrong. In short, there’s no such thing as “Winter Vagina,” despite the term making its way to the newspapers. However, in a small twist of events, there IS such a thing as “Winter Penis.” Oh yes, penis owners do […]

Blood play: what is it and the 101

Previous articles from us have discussed a lust for feral fiends and the sexy supernatural, but the appeal of such lovers of lore isn’t always about the purely fantastical. Sometimes it is the physical; the feeling of being pinned against the wall, the kiss of the neck, and then perhaps a sharp sensation followed by […]

Myth Busting: The Winter Vagina

Have you heard about Winter Vagina? Is it even something you need to worry about? Is your vagina feeling the symptoms of the increasingly cold months? Or does it not even care that the rest of your body is freezing? Let’s find out about winter vagina before the cold months settle in! What is “Winter […]

In defence of the ‘sexy’ Halloween costume

Sexy potatoes, sexy popes, sexy serial killers, and even sexy emojis. Turn your gaze to any costume of any kind during the Halloween season and you will find a ‘sexy’ option. Sometimes it’s the only option. Often it’s the prevalent one…at least if you present or identify as a woman/femme. This year the sexy Halloween […]

Exploring open relationships

Monogamy is lovely, isn’t it? There’s something really valuable and highly intimate about a one-on-one bond between two individuals building up their sexual, romantic, and emotional lives together. That being said, it’s not for everyone. Although monogamy certainly has a place and value in society, we often neglect the remember that it’s not the only […]

Redefining pleasure after bodily transformation

Weight fluctuations, gender variations, severe injury or illness, or an extreme change in personal presentation. All of these can technically be counted as ‘Bodily Transformations’ and all of them come with their own individual issues, niches, and considerations. However, in all cases it can generally be agreed that when confronted with extreme change, even if […]

6 ideas for your first roleplaying scenario

Role-playing can be a wonderful addition to any relationship! If you’re just getting into the role-playing scene it can be intimidating to figure out where to start but that’s where we come in! We have six beginner-friendly role-playing ideas for you to test out! As with everything, make sure everyone involved is on board with […]

Your first time with a woman

The first time you have sex with another woman can seem a bit intimidating. It might be the first time you have sex ever, or it might be the first time you are having sex with someone that is not a man. Even if it is not your first time having sex, it can still […]

Sex robots: are they for real?

A woman stands on a stage. She is met with a crowd of curious onlookers and eager journalists and media moguls. Ascertaining her crowd, she looks around and then speaks. “Oh, good afternoon. My name is Sophia and I am the latest and greatest robot from Hanson Robotics. Thank you for having me here” These […]

Top 5 funniest podcasts about sex

For International Podcast Day we wanted to celebrate the podcasts that might not make it to the more G-rated lists. On September 30th, there will be an international celebration of podcasts, with the goal of connecting with new podcasts, podcast listeners and creators, and overall podcast enthusiasts. For us, that includes podcasts that have something […]

6 must- read books about sex

It is so important to continue to educate ourselves and learn new things every day. When it comes to sex and sexuality, it is no different! In fact, it might be one of the more important topics to educate ourselves about because there is so much misinformation out there! If you are looking for a […]

How to create a successful dating profile

So you’ve looked in to the idea of online dating and you’re intrigued, but how is the best way to go about it? Online dating is just as diverse and varied as dating through other methods which means that, much like dating in person, it can be a bit of a confusing mess to navigate. […]

Erotic Story: Heat, Sweat and Pleasure

In the midst of a vast sea of people, shouting and jumping excitedly, were Tim and Dana, screaming just as loud to the marvelous band playing in front of them. Festivals were their joined passion and the place where they had one instant connection. After meeting at a festival in Hungary, they had been inseparable […]

Is online dating actually worth it?

There was once a time where the notion of meeting someone online seemed quirky at best and dangerous at worst. Back when the net was just emerging the idea that ‘anyone’ could be behind the screen was a real fear and, if we’re honest, the same is very much true now. The Catfish documentary and […]

The importance of aftercare

The term “aftercare” is well known to the BDSM community but it should be something that extends to any kind of sexual styles and sexual activities. Aftercare is quite simply taking care of your partner and yourself after sex. It’s about taking the time to check in with your partner, talk to them, cuddle, or […]

How to regain trust after infidelity

It’s a fact – people who have cheated once are 350% more likely to cheat again in their lifetime. That’s not exactly what you want to hear right now but it is the unfortunate truth. It’s also why so many people struggle to trust their partners after an incident of cheating. However, although we’d often […]

Cheating: when does it count?

In 2015 a digital scandal happened in the adult community when the website Ashley Madison suffered a massive data leak, exposing many of its users. The major issue in this scenario wasn’t just that data was so readily gained and exposed by outside sources but also that Ashley Madison itself was a ‘married dating’ site […]

Erotic Story: A Beautiful Mess – Part 3

Enjoy Part 2 HERE It was over a decade ago that Laura had an experience, which was incredibly difficult for her pubescent brain to explain at the time, and the chosen coping mechanism had been to repress the memory completely. It all happened the first time she encountered Jane, the physical education intern at her […]

5 ways to increase sexual intimacy

Did you know that intimacy can lead to a more positive mood and a greater sense of meaning in life? A study involving 152 American college students showed the relationship between intimate sex and increased positive feelings the very next day. The study showed that the intimacy of the relationship was a more important determining […]

6 reasons to talk about sex

I have always loved talking about sex. It’s just one of those things that I felt needed to be out in the open. My male friends were all able to openly talk about it, so I said “screw it” and started talking about it too. I wanted to do my part in normalizing the female […]

The sexual allure of clowns

When the reimagining of Stephen King’s cult classic book IT was remade for a modern audience back in 2017 it didn’t take long for something rather specific to happen on the world wide web. That thing, of course, being the release of copious amounts of smut. Contrary to what many individuals might have concluded after […]

9 tips to have sex on your period

Let’s start this article off by saying that there is nothing wrong with having sex on your period, and that period blood is not “dirty” or “gross.” Now that we have gotten that out of the way… period sex can actually be really enjoyable. Different hormones are happening, different parts of your body are more […]

Discussing sexuality in a new relationship

Our language and attitude about sexuality is constantly evolving and changing over time. Where once certain sexual orientations were considered so unacceptable that they were illegal (something which we think is the truly unacceptable act) many people now feel more confident and capable when it comes to exploring and asserting their sexuality in the world. […]

Erotic Story: A Beautiful Mess – Part 2

Adele’s fascination for sculptures, and in particular sculptures representing humans, was sparked the moment she first let her eyes glide over the smooth surface of on an old Greek figurine. She was merely eleven years old. When she carefully touched it, the stones felt unexpectedly cold and hard, yet the figures they formed seemed incredibly […]

How to prepare for your first single holiday

Holidays are fantastic. Sun, sand and sea, or perhaps a city with loads of culture, or even frozen glaciers and ice hotels. The possibilities are absolutely endless and many amazing memories are forged on a holiday. But the thing about those memories and experiences is that they’re typically shared with someone else. For most individuals […]

This is it: the top 5 best porna of summer 2018

These are 5 of the most exciting, tantalizing, hot and sexy movies to enjoy on DUSK, best rated by you! 1. The Fantasy Project: Kara & Devon Kate Edens research into female sexual fantasies leads her deep into the erotic imagination of women, a lush world of pleasure without consequences. Her research is fascinating, arousing and […]

The hottest tv shows of all times

After a long day at the beach it is time for a cold shower and something hot on a screen! Check out the steamy show on our list! 1. Orange is the New Black Of course this one had to be the first on the list. OITNB was the show that helped skyrocket Netflix. Not […]

How to avoid cheating on your partner

Sometimes it seems like everyone is always cheating on everyone else. Single friends hook up with married people, married friends hook up with different people, celebrities break up relationships or work through it… it’s everywhere! Just because it seems to be everywhere, still doesn’t make it right! If you’re tempted to cheat, or if you […]

Sex and Social Media

Unsolicited dick pics are about as far away as you can get from okay as will ever be the case. The same goes for unsolicited nudes too. Putting this aside, though, there are many times in our sexual adventures or relationships where we will be feeling amorous, glamorous, and ready to show our sexy selves […]

What really goes on at a porn shoot

If you’re reading this then, chances are, you agree with us in thinking that porn is pretty great. It’s also pretty complicated too. Not necessarily in a bad way (quite the opposite) but, still, a lot of time, effort, and energy goes in to pornography that often goes unnoticed. We don’t often think about what […]

10 things you didn’t know about bikinis

Did you know that there is an entire day dedicated to bikinis? Every year on July 5th, the world celebrates the two-piece bathing suit! While it might seem like this outfit is no big deal, there is a lot of history behind this teeny tiny swimsuit. Here are 10 things you most likely did not […]

How to have sex when your kids are in the house

If you thought you were busy before having kids… your sex life might be lacking after you had kids. It’s not your fault – kids take up a lot of time and emotions and energy. However, it is still important to make time for yourself and your partner. Your kid is your priority, but that […]

Why you should – or should not – make erotic selfies

To send nudes or to not send nudes? We’ve put together a few reasons why you might want to polish off your camera or you might want to just stick to dirty texting. Why You Should Take Erotic Selfies: 1. Feel More Connected To You Partner Sending sexy selfies to your partner can make you […]

The Daddy Dom phenomenon

Father’s Day has just passed and many people, young and old, celebrated the value of a strong father figure and how it enriches their lives. But what can be said about the Daddy Dom phenomenon? What is it, exactly? And how might it make you feel? What Is A Daddy Dom? A ‘Daddy Dom’ is, […]

How to embrace your saggy skin during sex

In what is probably the most awesome recent piece of social media news, Chidera Eggerue, a 23 year old blogger, has been challenging mainstream standards of beauty by embracing her natural breasts and their naturally saggy nature. To quote the empowering blogger directly (who has launched her campaign under the #saggyboobsmatter hashtag): ‘I became bored […]

Summer sex trends for 2018

One of the biggest indicators of sex trends is when people not involved in the sex industry start talking about it during group conversations. Summer is about to begin, so we thought we would let you know what everyone is talking about! Here are 8 sex trends for the summer that are being wildly discussed! […]

Cam Girls

If you’ve been on the net searching for ‘adult’ content for any length of time then, chances are, you’ve probably stumbled upon the term ‘cam girls.’ A relatively recent phenomenon in terms of the history of human smut, cam girls represent the extreme social and economic liberation that the internet is now able to afford […]

Erotic Story: A Beautiful Mess

The night was about to take over from the day when Rose set foot in the bar in which Laura had already seated herself in front of her chardonnay. Laura was daydreaming, or just dreaming since it was no longer daytime, and therefore did not notice Rose had arrived and was standing in front of […]

How to choose your perfect vibrator

If you’ve ever walked in to a sex toy shop or started browsing through one online – then you know that there are more options than you ever thought could be possible. The bad news is that you can’t buy them all. The good news is that we can help you figure out where to […]

Regaining your sex life after postnatal depression

Having a child is magical. It’s the best thing that can happen to you. You won’t understand life until you’re a parent. These are all things that we are told every day in society, especially if you are expecting. Sadly it doesn’t always work that way. The Reality of Postnatal Depression Postnatal depression and/or poor […]

8 ways to prepare for your first nude holiday

The first time you do something nude can be a bit intimidating. The first time you undress in front of someone, the first time you go to a club where nudity is allowed, the first time you go to a nude beach… and perhaps the first time you go on a nude holiday. If you’ve […]

10 health hacks for great sex

Outside of the occasional smear test or prostate examination you might be tempted to think that medical professionals have very little help to offer sexually, but you’d be wrong there. As it happens the healthcare profession is all about studying sexual pleasure and human satisfaction and they’ve come up with some pretty awesome, medically-inspired sex […]

Erotic Story: In Between The Stars

He wanted to take another cigarette but soon discovered the package was empty and tossed it slightly annoyed to the side. The interview had slowly turned into a more personal conversation, as he was “kinda fed up” with talking about the fame and the success of the band for all these years. Alice was not […]

This is how porn stars masturbate, master the trade

You would think that porn stars know a lot more about sex than we do. But when it comes to masturbation, what can they teach us? Masturbation is really a lot like having sex with a partner. You get the best sessions if you’re feeling adventurous and uninhibited to try new things. This is what […]

8 ways to spice up your sex life

Fun ways to experiment with your partner if you are ready for something new! If you’ve been looking for a way to add something spicy to your sex life, then look no further! Whether you’re bored of routine or you’re completely content, it can always be fun to try something a little different. Here are […]

DUSK launches OTT app on Smart TV’s worldwide

Hundreds of hours of quality porn through a Smart TV app. We launched an OTT app last week created for Smart TV made after 2015. This app can be found in the different app stores of Smart TV market leaders. Watching video content through OTT (Over The Top) is the next best thing, there is […]

The new Fifty Shades

Watch and enjoy the first images of the new movie Fifty Shades Free. The much anticipated third part of the Shades Trilogy will premiere next Valentine’s Day. A lot of people were offended by the sadomasochist traits of the extremely attractive Mr. Grey, but secretly everybody went to see the Shade movies to enjoy the […]

Cool Sex in the Hot Summer

Sex in the summer can be pretty warm. And what’s better than staying cool during your hot moments?! It is definitely getting hot out there! Summer brings lighter clothing, more iced coffees and tons more sun! It also brings about a lot of sweat, which can make sex a bit uncomfortable. There are two options. […]

Top 5 Porn For Women – Spring 2017

Dusk proudly presents the top 5 highest rated porn for women! 5 Car Sex Generation – Erika Lust  We´ve all done it, and it´s one of the most fun and challenging places to have sex… The back seat of a car. Playing a young, sexy and hot for each other couple, Juan Lucho and Julia […]

Kaat Bollen’s porna film will premiere on Valentine’s Day!

On the most romantic day of the year, the long-awaited porna film “A Girls’ Getaway” directed by sexologist Kaat Bollen, will premiere at Dusk. In collaboration with Daring Media Group, Kaat Bollen wrote, directed and produced a high-end porna film especially for Dusk, guided by director DiSanto. It’s a double scoop, given that Bollen’s film “A Girls’ Getaway” […]

Review: Kiiroo Pearl

Every week the Dusk Team reviews the hottest sexy toys, varying from vibrators to lubricant and everything in between. In the section Play & Rate you’ll find the sharpest reviews! This week: the Kiiroo Pearl. WHAT THEY SAY:“Pearl. The only touch sensitive vibrator to control pleasure online.” Pearl is a beautiful, technologically advanced G-spot vibrator designed […]

Free Porn vs Good Porn

What are the consequences of an explosively growing acceptance and use of porn for the industry and for the viewer? CNN editor and licensed psychotherapist Ian Kerner wrote a controversial article about free porn vs. good porn. Pornography is easily online accessible, just a few clicks away. What a difference that was a generation or […]

Behind The Scenes: on the set of Kaat Bollen’s porna film

Always wanted to have an inside look of shooting a porna film? Well, consider your wish fulfilled as Dusk hosted a press day on the set of Kaat Bollen porna’s film for Daring Media Group and we’re giving you an exclusive sneak-peek behind the scenes! A GIRLS’ GETAWAY Nothing but the best, is exactly what Kaat Bollen wanted […]

Award nomination for Playful Passion’s director Zimra Geurs

We congratulate our friend and partner-in-crime Zimra Geurts for her Viva400 nomination. These awards celebrate women who are exceptional in their line of business because of their success, talent and perseverance. Zimra Geurts directed her own porna film Playful Passion which premiered at the Dusk Porna Awards 2016. She contributes to the cause of changing the quality […]

Stuck in you

It’s every man’s nightmare: after a great sexsession and an amazing orgasm the most precious member of your body appears to be in the headlock from hell…your dick is stuck. In her pussy. Men tell each other all kinds of horror stories when they are just discovering sex. But this is not an urban legend, […]

Scoop! Kaat Bollen will direct her own porna film!

The sexologist will direct her first porna film for Dusk TV in collaboration with Daring! Productions. In the Netherlands Kaat Bollen is known for her (s)expert advise in the television program “Spuiten en Slikken.” In Belgium however, the talented sexologist has been praised for years. She’s both a psychologist and a sexologist and has written four […]

News: Dusk Porna Awards 2016

The Dusk Porna Awards 2016 will be held on June 1st in Amsterdam. Everything you need to know about the event, can be read here. The WhatSince its beginnings in 2013, the Porna Awards has become a prestigious symbol of success for the porna industry. With our awards we want to honor those who make […]

Review: Womanizer Pro

Every week the Dusk Team reviews the hottest sex toys, varying from vibrators to lubricant and everything in between. In the section Play & Rate you’ll find the sharpest reviews! This week: the Womanizer Pro. WHAT THEY SAY: “The Womanizer Pro is absolutely novel and gives you an unique orgasmic feeling. The revolutionary technology makes it possible to […]

Interview: Zimra Geurts

In the section Inside Look you can read interviews with the most interesting people in the adult entertainment business for all the ins & outs and a look behind the scene in the exciting world of the erotic industry! This week we’ve asked former Playmate of the World and newbie porna director Zimra Geurts some […]

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