Extending penis

Extending your penis

It is the consensus of those that enjoy penises that size and shape don’t necessarily matter. 85% of women, when surveyed, were generally happy with their partner’s penis and overall research suggests that general appearance is much more of a preference than size.

In fact, for brief encounters women surveyed said they appreciate and average measurement of 6.4 inches long and 5 inches thick erect but for long distance relationships they actually wanted slimmer shafts: 6.3 inches long with a girth of 4.8 inches.

The Devil’s Advocate

Thus, however, isn’t all that reassuring if you, for any reason, actually do want to enlarge your penis. After all, body dissatisfaction is a serious concern and should be treated with respect and validity. Although it’s not advocated as a first-case scenario in any way, shape or form, many people are often using body augmenting tools – such as clothing, make up, botox, or even surgery – to get the desired results from their physical appearance.

Why, out of all of the ways of changing one’s body, should penis enlargement be seen as invalid or purely dependent on what others prefer (as opposed to what makes the individual in question happy)? But this, of course, is all working on the proviso that Penis Extenders actually work

What’s Out There

But before we get in to the effectiveness of penis extenders, it’s worth looking at what types are available on the market. There are three main types of penis extender currently out there: The ‘noose’ extender, the ‘strap’ extender and the pump.

A ‘ strap’ extender and A ‘ noose’ extender 

Noose and strap extenders are similar in that they are essentially a brace for the penis which is placed around it like a frame and then adjusted gradually to promote growth. The mains difference being that noose extenders tend to be plastic and metal based whereas strap extenders add straps for additional support or as the main extension.

A penis pump

Then, of course, you have pumps. Pumps involve creating a vacuum around the base of a person’s shaft and then essentially promoting blood flow to the penis to get it to swell in size.

The promotion of blood in the area is considered to have an effective long term benefit but people using such devices are advised to be careful about how long they pump for, else there might be long term damage to the nerves of the shaft.

The Effectiveness of Penis Extenders

If ‘long term damage’ got your wriggling and closing your legs a bit firmer then you’re probably wise to do so. In all cases, penis extenders available for general market purchase (especially on adult sites) are essentially untested, unmedically validated novelty devices which, although they might show some promising results in some cases, aren’t regulated in strict ways. And, as mentioned, if used incorrectly such devices can cause potential damage.

Another thing that pump and extender users need to be aware of is that the results of such devices are variable and often temporary. Sure, you will get a more enlarged appearance for as long as you swell your shaft in a vacuum, or maintain an erection and stretch it in a frame, but these are very much dependent on use.

Think of it this way: If you want to be strong, good at yoga, speak a foreign language or anything really then you need to keep up a state of general ongoing maintenance with whatever skill or physical change you wish to acquire.

If you don’t then those skills or changes degrade. The muscles involved in a yoga pose shorted again, the gains from hitting the gym hard shrink, or the language fades from the mind. It’s the general rule of ‘use it or lose it.

This, if you are turning to penis extenders for their lengthening benefits then that’s fine, and you’ll likely see them, but you must be aware that you’re making a commitment to continued ongoing use for potentially the rest of your life.

If you’re okay with that then that’s awesome – you rock your rock hard erection. If, however, you can’t see yourself using an extender for the next 5 years then it’s probably not worth tinkering with it for 5 weeks and expecting indefinite results.

Other Considerations

If you are committed to length then it’s important to think about what you want from your extender. Consider which type you want, which one you’re most likely to use, and what brands of that type are the most reliable. Look at the short and long-term heath risks and implement every precaution they recommend. Don’t chase for quick results. After all, anything that matters in life is often a process. Protecting your penis is more important than getting a quick pump out of it.

The Takeaway

Penis extenders have a place in people’s lives but they are nowhere near a quick or easy solution. If you’re dedicated and determined for growth then a penis extender might be able to offer you results, just be aware of exactly what kind of results you can expect before making a pricey investment. And, above all, respect and honour yourself, penis length aside. After all, you don’t need a solid shaft to be a solid individual.

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