Sex shaped vegetables and fruits

Vegan Kink: Amazing Animal-Free Alternatives for a Happy Sex Life

Veganism is on the rise! Multiple companies are offering plant-based alternatives to nutritional choices for hungry consumers who don’t want to damage the environment or health through excessive animal consumption, whether they’re fully ...

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Couple in gym getting it on

These sexy dates will make the best foreplay for some amazing sex

With a hot summer coming, there's nothing more exciting as a date with the love of your life – or just with the person of that moment. But grabbing a drink or ...

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Attractive couple kissing in kitchen

How To Have Better Foreplay

Foreplay is skipped over far too often. Instead of jumping straight into intercourse, you should spend a fair amount of time warming up and pleasuring each other. Honestly, foreplay should get way more ...

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Old photo of women running on beach in bikini

What Does It Mean to be Beach Body Ready?Swimwear and Sexual Appeal

The sun is coming out and, in some places, it’s already in full force. People are swarming to beaches, sunbathing in their gardens, and generally getting themselves in to swimwear and bikinis to enjoy ...

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sexy phone pic of woman in underwear

With these tips sexting will be absolutely amazing

Making a sexy photo or sending a spicy text about whatever you like to do when you are finally together: sexting is hot. You've probably done it yourself, but ...

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Naked couple talking in bed

Study: Religious Couples Report Greater Sexual Satisfaction

We don’t tend to mention religion very often over at Dusk TV but we came across an interesting study that has to do with faith and sex! So of course, we want ...

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Man caressing two women

The Strongest Shape: part 5

 The image of the painting at the art exhibition kept running through Alfred's mind. Suddenly, he had a realisation — triangles can have different forms. The essential aspects are obviously the three sides ...

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Hand full of lubricant

All you need to know about lubricant

Every woman who is completely in the mood for sex automatically gets wet enough to start having sex. But when the ambiance and the finger technique of your lover aren't ...

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Rainbow Flag during pride

5 Sex-Empowering Things You Can Do For Pride Month

June is Pride Month, which means a time to celebrate and rally for safe and inclusive spaces for all in the LGBTQI community. Pride Month was initially founded to remember and honor ...

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Naked women sitting on man's lap

Have Even Better Vacation Sex

Sex on vacation? Not sure if anything could ever top that! We have a few tips and tricks to make vacation sex even better. Yes, it can be even better! Here are ...

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Female hand holding vibrator

Why sextoys will spice up your sexlife

Using a sex toy in the bedroom isn't something to be ashamed of anymore. But still, not everybody is convinced when it comes up to the utility of our vibrating ...

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