About DUSK

Dusk is an international, Netherlands-based erotic television channel primarily focussed on women, but also enjoyable for couples.

The company behind Dusk is 2GrapesMedia BV, an internationally operating concept developer that creates categorized television concepts through cable, IPTV, mobile and satellite television. Through distributors the entertainment services by 2GrapesMedia can be found in all households in the operational countries. Dusk was founded in 2008 and started with researching female sexuality.

Opposed to other erotic channels that broadcast ‘mainstream’ porn, Dusk focusses on erotic content that arouses the female viewer, which is called Porna. Porna distinguishes itself primarily by the high quality of the films, the pleasure of the people in the films, and the attention given to female enjoyment. Find out more about porna and the filmmakers. Dusk offers her viewers a wide spectrum of movies, from the ones you might call ‘porn’ to the ones that may be considered very female-friendly. We offer what turns women on, whether that’s rough and kinky or soft and romantic. There’s something for every woman…

The porna videos Dusk broadcasts were all selected by thousands of women worldwide. Do you receive Dusk? Check with your TV-provider.

Dusk Online offers three different subscription plans: 

Monthly subscription: $25 per month
This subscription rebills $25 per month until cancelled.

3 months subscription: $15 per month
This subscription rebills $45 every 3 months until cancelled.

6 months subscription: $10 per month
This subscription rebills $60 every 6 months until cancelled.

All of our subscriptions can be cancelled any time. Your subscription will stay active for the remaining paid period, until the renewal date.