Sexual expectations

5 reasons to ditch your sexual expectations

So the New Year is here and you’ve got some big sex goals. HUGE ones perhaps. Here’s why you should ditch your expectations. We’re talking electroplay, orgies, swinging from the ...

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Sex Education

Why you should totally watch SEX EDUCATION

We have a new favourite show on Netflix! It’s called “Sex Education” and it is so good you won’t want it to end. While the title might be a bit misleading, ...

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Wax play

Playing with candles

The days are dark and the nights long, temperatures are dropping. I don’t know about you, but I have begun my retreat indoors, eating a little more and craving the ...

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Feel the heat

How to get hot in winter times

A person lies in bed, their eyes groggy as they just awake. It’s still dark outside, they can hear the wind howling violently. A single foot slipped tentatively out of ...

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Midnight sex

Erotic Story: Midnight Sex

The night was as dark as it could be, not even the moon was providing any additional light. She was flying through the air, the city beneath her in the ...

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Body positive

How to be more body-positive

Body positivity is not inherently a sexy topic, but we think it is pretty sex-related! One: There are a whole lot of naked bodies around Dusk TV. Two: Sex is ...

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The appeal of red hair

In fact, all tones of ginger are now celebrated during the annual Kiss A Ginger Day celebrations on January 12th – meant to replace the old schoolboy tradition of Kick ...

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Extending penis

Extending your penis

It is the consensus of those that enjoy penises that size and shape don’t necessarily matter. 85% of women, when surveyed, were generally happy with their partner’s penis and overall ...

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How to choose the perfect porn

There is porn everywhere on the internet, which can make it hard to find the perfect site and the perfect type of porn videos for you to watch. If you ...

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Fireworks sex

5 firework inspired sex acts

Fireworks are a mainstay for main autumnal festivals which is strange when you think about it, given how much it rains in some place in autumn and how poorly fireworks ...

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10 tips for quickies

There is nothing quite like having a really good quickie. Passion, spontaneity and pleasure all wrapped into a few high-intensity moments. Of course, there are less-than-stellar quickies but we are ...

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