Winter penis

Myth busting: the winter penis

Last week, we wrote about the Winter Vagina and why that term is all sorts of wrong. In short, there’s no such thing as “Winter Vagina,” despite the term making ...

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Blood play

Blood play: what is it and the 101

Previous articles from us have discussed a lust for feral fiends and the sexy supernatural, but the appeal of such lovers of lore isn’t always about the purely fantastical. Sometimes ...

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Winter vagina

Myth Busting: The Winter Vagina

Have you heard about Winter Vagina? Is it even something you need to worry about? Is your vagina feeling the symptoms of the increasingly cold months? Or does it not ...

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Eyes wide open

Erotic Story: Eyes Wide Open – Part 5

The wooden door is entirely shut, and we both start walking around the room. Quietly observing all the objects it holds, taking everything in with all our senses. The smell ...

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Exploring open relationships

Exploring open relationships

Monogamy is lovely, isn’t it? There’s something really valuable and highly intimate about a one-on-one bond between two individuals building up their sexual, romantic, and emotional lives together. That being said, ...

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Bodily changes

Redefining pleasure after bodily transformation

Weight fluctuations, gender variations, severe injury or illness, or an extreme change in personal presentation. All of these can technically be counted as ‘Bodily Transformations’ and all of them come ...

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6 ideas for your first roleplaying scenario

Role-playing can be a wonderful addition to any relationship! If you’re just getting into the role-playing scene it can be intimidating to figure out where to start but that’s where ...

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First time with a woman

Your first time with a woman

The first time you have sex with another woman can seem a bit intimidating. It might be the first time you have sex ever, or it might be the first ...

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Funniest podcasts

Top 5 funniest podcasts about sex

For International Podcast Day we wanted to celebrate the podcasts that might not make it to the more G-rated lists. On September 30th, there will be an international celebration of ...

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Books about sex

6 must- read books about sex

It is so important to continue to educate ourselves and learn new things every day. When it comes to sex and sexuality, it is no different! In fact, it might ...

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Dating profile

How to create a successful dating profile

So you’ve looked in to the idea of online dating and you’re intrigued, but how is the best way to go about it? Online dating is just as diverse and varied ...

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