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The Daddy Dom phenomenon

Father’s Day has just passed and many people, young and old, celebrated the value of a strong father figure and how it enriches their lives.

But what can be said about the Daddy Dom phenomenon? What is it, exactly? And how might it make you feel?

What Is A Daddy Dom?

A ‘Daddy Dom’ is, at its essence, any individual in the BDSM community who takes up a fatherly role in their dominance.

This often exists within the ‘Daddy Dom/Little Girl’ dynamic – in which the dominant is paternal and the submissive plays at being a more immature and childlike individual – though some people simply use the term because they like it.

Others find the ‘Daddy Dom’ term problematic because they worry it has links to abuses of power, pedophilia, or similar, but Daddy Doms have no interest in children. Instead, they pair themselves with an individual who likes to play at the mischievous, carefree, and playful elements that we associate with childhood, and take on a parental sense of authority in their role over that individual.

Every aspect of the dynamic is consensual and everyone involved is happy with the arrangement and we can totally understand why.

When you get around to it, there are many reasons to love and admire the role of the Daddy Dominant. Here are just a few that we think you’re likely to agree have appeal.

#1 A Daddy Dom Is Authoritative And Deliberate

Parental authority is unobjectionable authority in many ways.

If we feel like someone is naturally of a higher stature than us then the dynamic of any scene immediately has an electricity to it which is absolutely unbeatable in terms of getting into the BDSM headspace.

Daddies have this authority de facto but, more than this, they’re aware of it. Parents are very intentional when using their position of authority nd do so with methodical and highly-considered deliberatio.

This, too, creates a thrilling scenario which many submissives owned by Daddies find irresistible.

#2 A Daddy Dom Is Instructive

It is part of the parental role to make sure that a child is well-behaved but also well-instructed and dutiful in their ongoing ‘education’.

This is thrilling for the same reason that the student/teacher roleplay can be.

Daddy Doms can tell their submissive what to do and how as part of ‘teaching them a lesson’ or ‘making sure they’re a good little sub’.

However, whereas a teacher might be strict or have an academic air, the Daddy Dom position allows for a broader and, in many ways, kinder approach. Which brings us on to our next point…

#3 Daddy Doms Are Kind And Encouraging

Sure, if a little sub is misbehaving a firm spanking might need to be administered but Daddy Doms in general hold a deep love for their submissives and, generally, want to see them happy, nurtured, and allowed to enjoy their youthful activities.

Daddy Doms are not the type of dominant to practice humiliation. They are not harsh, insulting, cold, or haughty in their superiority.

All of the above descriptors can make for a fantastic dominant for individuals who value that kind of dynamic. However, if you love encouragement and praise throughout your BDSM scenes, soft and soothing words spoken in immersive moments, or loving strokes and tender aftercare when coming back to reality then a Daddy Dom might suit you well.

#4 It Is A Daddy Dom’s Prerogative To Spoil Their Sub

If you love loads of toys (adult or otherwise), pretty outfits, sweet little trinkets, and days out together then you may just find that what you want is a Daddy.

Daddy Doms don’t just take a gentle approach to their little subs; many Daddies want to fawn over their submissive, and will often treat them and spoil them without hesitation.

Whether or not this is part of a DD/LG dynamic is something to be discussed and pre-determined before entering in to a dynamic, but if you’re both happy with it then you could find yourself being flooded with gifts.

This gift-giving type of domination can make a sub feel incredibly special and act as a hugely beneficial part of one’s life.

After all, BDSM isn’t just about the bedroom; Its positive benefits can serve to lift us up in all aspects of life.

#5 Being A Daddy Is Flexible

As we said before. One doesn’t have to fully immerse themselves in the DD/LG community or dynamic in order to gain pleasure from the use of the term.

For example ‘Daddy, have I been bad?’ is a sex-related phrase so well-know that it’s basically a trope in modern culture.

Some people simply like the term ‘Daddy’ for their dominant even if they can’t fully explain why. Much as with any fantasy, indulged or imagined, sometimes there’s no need to try and rationalize it. As long as it elicits arousal and all involved in a sexual situation are happy then it can still be incredibly potent.

Heck, a ‘Daddy’ doesn’t even necessarily need to be male, and playing with gender as well as the behaviours and mannerisms of the ‘Daddy’ archetype can work incredibly well in any scenario for any person.

So why not give the ‘Daddy’ dynamic a try for yourself? You never know, you might just find it inspires feelings in you that you never noticed before.

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