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Why you should – or should not – make erotic selfies

To send nudes or to not send nudes? We’ve put together a few reasons why you might want to polish off your camera or you might want to just stick to dirty texting.

Why You Should Take Erotic Selfies:

1. Feel More Connected To You Partner

Sending sexy selfies to your partner can make you feel closer to each other – both emotionally and sexually. Sending a nude selfie is all about trust. You’re capturing a part of you and giving them the privilege of seeing that part of you.  

Of course, only send erotic selfies to a partner that you absolutely trust. Don’t send them right away in a new relationship, wait until you’ve built a foundation (unless you don’t care who sees them, then go for it).

2. Feel More Confident About Yourself

You don’t need to send nudes to anyone, you can (and should) just take them for yourself! It might seem intimidating at first, but taking nudes of yourself is a great way to boost your confidence and make you feel empowered.

Many of us have been raised to be conservative or ashamed of our bodies, but taking sexy selfies of yourself can help undo some of this negativity. If you’re not comfortable getting totally naked at first, work with lingerie or even just short shorts. Do what feels good for you and discover how powerful it can be to spend time loving your body.

3. Create Sexual Tension

Just like sending a dirty text, sending an erotic selfie can be super tantalizing. It can build sexual tension for the next time you see each other. You don’t have to send a fully naked photo of yourself – you can always send close-ups of parts of your bodies, or photos of you slowly undressing. Your partner will definitely get excited about undressing you in person. If you really want to build sexual tension or provoke certain fantasies, then make sure to include some dirty texts along with any photos.

4. Create Super Sexy Mementos

Saving your nudes, whether you took them for yourself or for a partner, can be a fun way to remember moments in your life. Of course, it’s a great memento of how you look, but these nudes can also be associated to moments in time, and special occasions. Keep them in a very, very private folder – but definitely keep them. You’ll have a lot of fun looking through them in a few months or years.

Why You Should Not Take Erotic Selfies:

1. They’re Never 100% Private

Phones that are in any way connected to the internet are never 100% secure. Some people have photos automatically uploaded to a cloud, and while it feels safe, it is never completely safe.

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of someone ever having access to an erotic selfie, then don’t do it. Or, do it with a Polaroid camera where the pictures aren’t linked to the internet!

2. If You Do Not Trust the Person

Similarly, don’t send your nudes to anyone you don’t fully trust. If you don’t care who might see the photos, then send as many as you want. If you do care about who might see them, then wait a while into a relationship before sending any scandalous pictures. If any part of your does not trust them… don’t send them. You can still take them for your own enjoyment, but don’t send them to anyone.

3. If You Don’t Want To Send Any

Some people might try to put a lot of pressure on you to take erotic selfies, but it is important to follow your gut. If it makes you uncomfortable, then don’t take them (or at least don’t send them).

You should be in control of when and how you send any naked selfies. Don’t let someone pressure you in to taking them or sending them. If someone is trying to pressure you – they don’t deserve them!

Taking erotic selfies is totally up to you. There are good reasons to take nudes, and there are good reasons to not take nudes. The decision is yours!

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